Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Great minds think alike?

Or has someone been reading my blog and borrowing my ideas?

Check out these two articles and you decide:

My sister found the article in the first link, which was posted on the website a mere 13 days after I wrote this entry. I think anyone who reads my blog post and this article will see the similarity in the discussions, though I admit that I didn't include the whole "Jillian Michaels says having a baby will ruin your hard body" line of thinking.

The article in the second link is from a blog I read regularly. I actually am much more inclined to think that the posting of this article, which discusses the same theme I discussed in this entry, is merely a coincidence. I also know that letting go of attachments is a basic part of Zen Buddhist practice, so it makes sense to me that a blog called "Zen Habits" would feature an entry on letting go of attachment.

It is an interesting coincidence to run across recent writings by others about topics on which I myself have been writing and ruminating of late. I guess there really are no new ideas.

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