Sunday, May 9, 2010

IUI #3.1 recap

I had IUI #3.1 on Saturday morning. The IUI was fairly uneventful. MM had a post-wash motile count of 64 million, which is great! "Optimal" would be around 20 million, based on what I've read, so he produced more than 3 times as many swimmers as we need. (I think the extra day of abstinence we did this cycle--3 days instead of 2--made the difference.)

The insertion of the catheter was more painful than during my previous two IUIs. I had a different nurse than the last two times, and I'm not sure if it was due to her technique, but I have a suspicion it might be. I also had spotting later in the day, which I have not had before post-IUI, which in my mind further confirms my suspicion that the pain was technique-related.

I also had VERY intense uterine cramping when she inflated the catheter's balloon which I did experience during the other two IUIs. Painful! I had some cramping while the sperm specimen was instilled this time, the same as the prior two IUIs, but the bad cramping at the beginning was new.

All in all, the discomfort during the procedure left me wishing we had opted for timed intercourse instead. (I know MM would prefer that method, since it would eliminate his going to the clinic to produce a specimen.) Not sure how many more times I'm willing to go through that! My test date is 5/22. Starting tomorrow night, I will be using the (disgusting) progesterone gel nightly.

In addition to the temporary pain/discomfort of the IUI procedure itself, I was painfully bloated all afternoon/evening. Actually, from the time I woke up Saturday morning, before the IUI, I had a lot of pressure/discomfort in my lower abdomen. . . . and it only got worse as the day progressed. (The closest comparison I could come up with for MM--who obviously has no uterus or ovaries--is that I felt the way you might after a much-too-heavy meal when you really need to pass a lot of gas. Sorry, TMI, I know.)

I am still bloated today, though it seems to be getting a little better. My stomach is significantly larger than usual, but smaller than last night--it's not small to begin with--and I'm not having as much discomfort. The bathroom scale was up almost 3 lbs from where it usually is this morning, too, even though I actually ate less than usual, due to my bloating and discomfort, which just confirms my thought that things in my body aren't quite normal.

I fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon for an hour and a half and still went to bed at my usual time last night. I also slept in today, so I've had about 11.5 hours of sleep as opposed to my usual 8. So I guess I've been pretty tired, too.

In addition to feeling decidedly sub-par, I am now at my office because I have an assignment which must be finished early Monday. Because I am going to be out at depositions tomorrow, this weekend is my last opportunity to work on it. Bleh! I want nothing more than to be curled up on the couch or in bed with an engaging book, but alas! I am here at my office responding to a motion instead.

Oh, and on the way to my office this morning, I had a flat tire. MM refused to let me change it myself, for fear I would elevate my body temperature and potentially jeopardize the embryonic development of Future Baby M, so he came and changed it for me.

So today is not really the best day. And I still need to tidy up at home before my in-laws come over at 4:30 to go out for a Mother's Day dinner.

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading. Enough whining from me when I should be working! Gotta get back to it.


  1. I'm glad you got a good bit of rest this weekend but sorry you had to work today. I have to go in to the office on Sundays, sometimes, too. I hate it but it is sometimes the only way to have a halfway sane Monday. Your husband sounds like a sweetheart. I'm hoping this IUI works! My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. Sorry your IUI was painful. I think it just depends on the nurse. My first was a breeze, literally didn't feel it my second hurt. My first I had a ton of cramping later in the day, my second none. Makes no sense to me.

    My RE's office never tells us the SA, they mail it to us. It's lame.

    Good luck!


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