You can find my first blog post which tells much of the back story of why I started this blog and our efforts before beginning fertility treatments here.

I am "S" and I refer to my husband here as "MM".  We have been together since September 2007 and married since November 2008.  I am 37 40, MM is 35 38, and this marriage is the first for both of us. We started TTC our first child in April 2008. (We knew it could "take longer" when the woman is over 35; we just didn't realize how much longer or what we would have to go through to achieve pregnancy.)

After 40 unsuccessful cycles TTC, we did a (successful) DE cycle at Dr. Dumbledore's out-of-state clinic which I refer to here as St. Mungo's for privacy reasons.  If you are looking into DE yourself and want to know the real name of our clinic, email me at the address in my profile, and I will share it with you.

I refer to our RE for our DE cycle as "Dr. Dumbledore." For one thing, in a roundabout way, it is a play on his actual name. For another, anyone who has read the Harry Potter series knows that Dumbledore was considered one of the greatest wizards of his time. After three years of unsuccessful TTC, this RE worked some magic and got me pregnant, so it seems apt.