Friday, April 25, 2014

Catch Up

I sometimes think it would be nice to have a week, or even just a weekend, to myself, just so I could catch up on all the things I used to be able to keep on top of but no longer seem to be able to.  A few examples:

  • I still have wrapping supplies sitting in a corner of our master bedroom, although we've now passed Easter.
  • I have a number of outgrown baby items (clothes, toys, gear) that I want to re-sell on a local swapping site, craigslist, eBay, or take to my local kids' consignment store or Goodwill.  But they aren't organized or sorted enough to allow me to accomplish that.
  • I did laundry Sunday when I returned from my trip but never put the clothes away.  They're still waiting in a basket and on the dresser.
  • I know that planning meals ahead is healthier and saves money.  It also takes time and effort that I seem unwilling or unable to spend these days.
  • We have two old, destroyed lawn chairs/chaises in our backyard that need to be thrown away.  One has been back there for over a year.
Each day, each week, I seem barely able to accomplish the bare minimum of required tasks: get myself up (early), get myself to work; work all day, with a break for lunch when I'm lucky; get home in time to relieve our nanny (goodness knows I don't want to pay her extra; we are already paying her almost more than we can afford); feed, occupy, entertain and care for our sons until bedtime; eat my own dinner, straighten up and spend time with my husband (if either of us still has the energy to interact with one another); and go to bed as early as I can so I can do the whole thing over the next day.  

Weekends are a little easier, since I don't have to factor work and commuting into the equation. . . but then again, MM and I then have to coordinate the full time care of our sons without the nanny, with only occasional babysitting assistance for date night once or twice a month.  And during those two days, we have to try to squeeze in not only some quality time with, and entertainment for, our sons, but all our weekly errands and chores: yard work, grocery shopping, laundry, minimal house cleaning, etc.  We also try to each spend some time alone and spend some time together.  Needless to say, weekends end up being just as busy as weekdays.

I love everything in my life.  I have a job that is intellectually stimulating and fulfilling (though I wish it paid a little more); I have a loving husband; I have two wonderful, healthy children; I am fortunate to have living parents and a sister and parents-in-law, with each of whom I enjoy good relationships; and I have good friends.

I just don't seem to have time for it all these days.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


  • I took my first vacation in three years last week.  I enjoyed it and also did not dread returning to work.  I think that's a good sign that I'm in the right job, as in my last job, I often dreaded going back to work on an average Monday.
  • One of the best parts of my vacation was getting to see my sister, who I only see about once a year, since she lives in North Carolina.  We are both very busy with our own lives, making it hard for us to get together more often.  We spent three-and-a-half days with her and my nephew in Las Vegas, and it was great.
  • I really enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my sons while on vacation, as well as getting to show them new things on our trip and do different activities with them.  Traveling with two toddlers is far from relaxing, but their behavior on the trip exceeded my expectations.
  • As soon as we went back to work on Monday and got back into our normal routine, for some reason, our sons have been misbehaving more than usual. . . really pushing boundaries, doing everything they know they aren't supposed to do.  Not sure what that's about.  Makes me wish I hadn't given up alcohol for my migraines a few years back because I could use a glass or two of wine after they go to bed.
  • I've been exceptionally busy at work this week, between having been out of the office last week and preparing to be out of the office again all next week for an eight-day training seminar out of state.  In addition to having to do all the work due this week and next, I also have to do about eight hours of preparation for the seminar. . . oh, and all the usual stuff around the house. . . and prepare for my trip.  Oy.
  • My MIL is having major spinal surgery tomorrow afternoon.  I wish she was not having her surgery the day before I am leaving town for eight-and-a-half days, but I had no input on its scheduling, and she just wanted to get it done ASAP, since she has barely been able to sit, stand or walk more than a few feet without severe pain since her car accident a few weeks ago.
  • Apart from dealing with my wild and naughty two-year-old boys, my more-demanding-than-usual full-time job, and my seminar preparations, I have also had migraines the past two days.  Great timing.
  • MM and I have decided that I need to start taking more time for myself.  It's true that I have had hardly any personal time since the boys have been born, apart from rare and sporadic weekend outings with friends.  (The reasons for this are mostly mundane and not worth getting into.)  So I have agreed to start spending two hours each weekend out of the house, on my own, with or without friends.  Now I just have to decide how I will spend that time.  Any suggestions?  (I won't be starting for three weeks since I'll be gone the next two Saturdays.)
  • Apart from their naughty wildness--typical two-year-old boy behavior, I'm told--my sons are doing well and are quite entertaining on the whole.