Wednesday, April 9, 2014


  • I took my first vacation in three years last week.  I enjoyed it and also did not dread returning to work.  I think that's a good sign that I'm in the right job, as in my last job, I often dreaded going back to work on an average Monday.
  • One of the best parts of my vacation was getting to see my sister, who I only see about once a year, since she lives in North Carolina.  We are both very busy with our own lives, making it hard for us to get together more often.  We spent three-and-a-half days with her and my nephew in Las Vegas, and it was great.
  • I really enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my sons while on vacation, as well as getting to show them new things on our trip and do different activities with them.  Traveling with two toddlers is far from relaxing, but their behavior on the trip exceeded my expectations.
  • As soon as we went back to work on Monday and got back into our normal routine, for some reason, our sons have been misbehaving more than usual. . . really pushing boundaries, doing everything they know they aren't supposed to do.  Not sure what that's about.  Makes me wish I hadn't given up alcohol for my migraines a few years back because I could use a glass or two of wine after they go to bed.
  • I've been exceptionally busy at work this week, between having been out of the office last week and preparing to be out of the office again all next week for an eight-day training seminar out of state.  In addition to having to do all the work due this week and next, I also have to do about eight hours of preparation for the seminar. . . oh, and all the usual stuff around the house. . . and prepare for my trip.  Oy.
  • My MIL is having major spinal surgery tomorrow afternoon.  I wish she was not having her surgery the day before I am leaving town for eight-and-a-half days, but I had no input on its scheduling, and she just wanted to get it done ASAP, since she has barely been able to sit, stand or walk more than a few feet without severe pain since her car accident a few weeks ago.
  • Apart from dealing with my wild and naughty two-year-old boys, my more-demanding-than-usual full-time job, and my seminar preparations, I have also had migraines the past two days.  Great timing.
  • MM and I have decided that I need to start taking more time for myself.  It's true that I have had hardly any personal time since the boys have been born, apart from rare and sporadic weekend outings with friends.  (The reasons for this are mostly mundane and not worth getting into.)  So I have agreed to start spending two hours each weekend out of the house, on my own, with or without friends.  Now I just have to decide how I will spend that time.  Any suggestions?  (I won't be starting for three weeks since I'll be gone the next two Saturdays.)
  • Apart from their naughty wildness--typical two-year-old boy behavior, I'm told--my sons are doing well and are quite entertaining on the whole.


  1. You are right - taking time for self is really, really important . I'm glad you are doing it!

    Safe travels and speedy recovery for MIL.

  2. Suggestions? Manicures, pedicures, massages, walks, coffee with girlfriends, reading in the park, ... the list is endless!

  3. Yes, I agree with the comment about. The list is endless! I would be certifiably insane without time to my self. Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

    Glad to hear the job is a better fit than those previous. Nothing sucks quite like dreading going to work!

  4. Yes, yes, yes to time on your own. There's an art gallery in my city here in the UK that has a lovely cafe and very occasionally (only once since I had my son!) I go for lunch there with a book. I think the boys behaviour on return is very typical of kids (boys especially, I think) being out of their routine - somehow they hold it together while they are away and then getting back into it brings on unsettledness (is that a word?). Hope they calm down soon!

  5. Here's how I would spend 2 hours (which, including travel time is not that long, but maybe you're thinking 3 hours inclusive of travel time):
    window shopping in my favorite area of town
    going to the library or book store and reading magazines I no longer have time to read
    checking out and treating myself to a meal at any new place I haven't been to
    meeting a friend for coffee or fro you
    taking a hike or a long walk in the beauty of nature
    visiting a museum or other cultural locale
    taking in a matinee
    going to a lecture of interest
    going to a florist just to watch them create arrangements and look at what's in bloom
    walk the aisles of Trader Joe's or Whole Foods looking for new and interesting food items
    seeing my therapist
    taking a group class (yoga or spin or Zumba or whatever strikes your fancy)
    being by water
    reading a book in the shade at a park
    going to the mall to people watch
    taking a cooking class (or sewing or knitting or jewelry making)

    ok baby is up from nap, that's all I have time for


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