Monday, May 10, 2010

Testing out trigger

I had planned to do a cute post with serial photos of the cheapy Dollar Tree HPTs I've used since taking my hCG trigger, but I can't seem to get decent enough photos of them to make them worth posting.

As I mentioned here, I am testing out my trigger this cycle, just for kicks. Not being one of the many people who enjoys peeing on sticks--no judgment, just not an early tester--I had never done this before, and I thought it might be fun to conduct my own little science experiment.

So as I posted before, my first HPT, taken about 7 hours after my hCG trigger, was negative. . . . which freaked me out a little. I decided to test again that evening, and I got a faint positive. I still interpreted this as a good sign, because I know from my days on fertility message boards that "any positive is a positive."

I tested again on Saturday morning prior to my IUI, and the test was again faintly positive.

(I asked the nurse about the Friday tests and Saturday morning's positive test when I went in for my IUI. First, it was obvious that she thought it was very odd that I should be using HPTs to test whether my trigger had worked. Second, she said that my theory that testing 7 hours after the shot was likely too early to detect the hCG in my urine made sense to her. Third, she thought that perhaps the test I was using might not have been sensitive enough to detect the hCG in my urine on Friday morning.)

When I tested yesterday morning and this morning, both tests were clearly negatives.

So apparently I have now "tested out" my trigger, and any + HPT I see from this point forward should be a true BFP. It's odd, though, because I've read it takes 5-6 days for the hCG trigger to leave the system and have seen for myself women still getting + HPTs that many days post-trigger. Hmm.

Of course, as is my usual practice, now I won't test again until my doctor-ordered test date of 5/22.

I am feeling physically much better today than yesterday. I am still a little bloated and retaining some fluid (as evidenced by the scale still being up and my rings fitting tight) but feel it is resolving.

Tonight I have to start the dreaded prog.este.rone gel. Ick.

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. Not a favorite "holiday" of mine, even pre-TTC. My day was lousy but for reasons completely unrelated to its being Mother's Day (which are now resolved).


  1. Sending positive vibes to you! Hope the next 12 days fly by and result in a BFP!

  2. I've tested my trigger before and it only took a few (2-4) days to be totally negative. I too had heard that it can stay in your system for many days. Weird.

  3. I love your scientific approach to things!


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