Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angel & Devil

This morning while I was lying in bed before getting up for today, hours before my alarm was set to go off, I played out my own twisted version of one of those cartoons where the character has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Devil: Hey, you should get up and take a pregnancy test.
Angel: You know it's only been 11 days since your IUI. Even if you are pregnant, you would probably get a false negative.
Devil: Yeah, but you could just use one of those cheap Dol.lar Tree tests! They only cost a dollar!
Angel: Those tests are probably even less sensitive than the First Response Early Result test you are saving for your test day. . . . which means you are even more likely to get a false negative.
Devil: Maybe, but c'mon. . . it's only a dollar. What can it hurt?
Angel: You will be bummed out if you see a BFN. And it won't even be a reliable result. Just wait until your test date.

Luckily, I managed to ignore the devil and go back to sleep for a while. And when I woke up for the day, I was in such a hurry to pee that I didn't even think of testing.

Throughout our 2+ years TTC, I have never been much of a one for testing early. Even in my early optimistic days, I would generally wait until at least 14 days after ovulation, and by that time, my period had usually arrived or was on its way. Because of this, I actually rarely saw BFNs prior to starting treatments in April 2009. (Our RE requires me to take a HPT at the end of every treatment cycle and only schedules a blood test if it is positive. . . . which hasn't happened to me so far after a treatment cycle.)

Back when I used to frequent the message boards of a popular charting website, I regularly saw women testing as early as 7 days after ovulation. A woman in my buddy group tested at 10 DPO and got a positive. (She turned out to be pregnant with twins.) I will admit, I kind-of prided myself on my ability to resist that temptation.

Not sure why all of a sudden this cycle I had this urge to test early. Hmm.

MM has asked me a few times over the past few days if I'm having any "pregnancy symptoms." I have explained to him that (1) I wouldn't expect to have symptoms this early, even if I am pregnant, and (2) the side effects of the prog.esterone gel are very similar to early pregnancy symptoms, i.e., feeling tired, queasy, headache, cramps.

That said, I have been inexplicably tired today. And vaguely headache-y.

Three more sleeps until I test.


  1. Good luck. I am holding out all hope for you!

  2. Way to show restraint from testing! I was never that strong! I don't know why I always got irritated when people asked if I felt any "pg symptoms". I always felt crummy on progesterone to begin with and always felt tired of explaining how progesterone makes you FEEL pregnant. Of course it was your husband asking, and he has no idea the good times that comes along with progesterone! Thank God only 3 more days until testing!

  3. I love the "three more sleeps." :) Be strong! ;)

  4. Congrats on holding out on not peeing on anything. You can make it 3 more days. I'm really hoping that this is it for you!

  5. Crossing my fingers that your test is a BFP! :)

  6. I'm not a fan of HPTs myself. I've always been afraid of messing with my mind. No matter what it reads, I never believe it. I say good for you for resisting that urge!


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