Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cycle 26 follicle check

(I'm not actually sure that this is cycle 26--it could be 25 or 27, I've kinda lost track--but I'm going to say it is #26 for simplicity's sake.)

I had my mid-cycle u/s this morning. It showed two follicles on the right, one 20-mm and one 13-mm, and one 20-mm follicle on the left. So it looks like we will have two potential eggs for fertilizing from the two 20-mm follicles. Not the 4-5 follicles I had been hoping for, but respectable.

My lining was good: 9 mm. I was relieved to see that because this is my fifth cycle using Clomid, and I have read that it can cause problems with lining.

Because it's unlikely that the 13-mm follicle would grow enough in one more day to produce a mature egg, and because there is a chance my body may start to ovulate on its own with two 20-mm follicles already, I am going to trigger tonight and do IUI on Saturday morning. (MM is thrilled that he will have to be at the RE's office at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday to take care of his portion.)

So we shall see what the outcome will be. If I am not pregnant after this cycle, I am going to talk with the RE about increasing my Follistim dose. Two mature follicles does not really increase our chances enough to satisfy me when I am producing one egg on my own every month. Given that the RE told us that the odds of high order multiples (i.e., triplets or more) for us, even with 4-5 mature follicles, would be less than 1% based on my aged eggs, I think 3-4 follicles would be more in order with our goals and increase our chances that little bit more. Thoughts?


  1. I love the new blog look!

    Sounds like all is working pretty well, and that you have at least a couple of shots on goal this time.

    In terms of upping the dose -- I'd go for it. Yeah, there is a greater likelihood of more than one but if you are ok with 2, then I don't see why not. We actually jumped right to IVF b/c we didn't want to have to worry about higher order multiples which can't be "controlled" as well with IUI, especially since my first month on clomid there were 7 large follicles. (Not that I got pregnant or anything, I just make a lot of crappy eggs.)

    Good luck!

  2. I like what you've done with this place! 2 follies at 20mm sounds great. Good luck with the IUI on Saturday!

  3. Good luck! We are almost cycle buddies. I just did my IUI yesterday(clomid induced of course). I am skipping the scans and trigger for the next few rounds.

    PS I like your new look.


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