Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IUI #4 cycle protocol

I noticed a little bit of spotting yesterday morning, and by mid-afternoon, AF had arrived (conveniently, right in the middle of a deposition, lovely).  I have not been feeling great today or yesterday, between a milder-than-usual-but-still-unpleasant migraine yesterday, plus heavier-than-usual flow and cramps--I swear, it's like AF is angry at me for delaying her arrival with medications--but I am relieved that AF has arrived and was not further delayed.

Nurse Favorite called this afternoon with the plan for this cycle (BTW, she is still pregnant, 37+ weeks now, and plans to work until she goes into labor, she says).  Here it is:

**Clomid 50 mg each evening CD 3 through CD 7
**Gonal-F injections in the following doses:
--150 units on CD 3
--112 units on CD 4
--112 units on CD 6
-- 75 units on CD 8
-- 75 units on CD 10
(Gonal-F is basically the same medication as Follistim, but I am using Gonal-F instead because of the increase in doses)
**hCG trigger when instructed (I use Ovidrel, as I had a nasty local reaction to Pregnyl the one time I used it)
**Progesterone gel vaginally each evening for two weeks following IUI or timed intercourse
**Checking OPKs daily before 11:00 a.m. each day beginning on CD 8
**Mid-cycle u/s to check follicles on CD 11

So I start my medications tomorrow night!  This is only the second time I have successfully gotten it together to do two treatment cycles in a row, and it seems really quick. . . . .here we go.


  1. Good for you for cyclin so quickly, I am a big fan of getting back on the horse. I will be cheering you on for the cycle!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I was curious how fast one can do another IUI/injectibles cycle. I think we might try this next time, too.

    Let's hope #4 is the big one. And yes, I think it is wise to increase the follicles. Go for it!

  3. Yeah! Sounds like a great plan. Sorry your AF is unpleasantly aggressive this go round, but now you are on your way!!

  4. Good luck. I'm glad you are forging ahead and wish you all the best.

  5. Why do you do the gonal-f?

  6. N, as I understand it, both Follistim and Gonal-F are given to hyperstimulate the ovaries so that they will produce more than the usual one-follicle-per-cycle. The hope is that this will increase the odds of conception.

    Nurse Favorite told me that the RE switched me from Follistim to Gonal-F this cycle simply because it would be less expensive for me to use Gonal-F with the higher doses I will be taking.

    Hope that answered your question.

  7. That does seem quick! I hope things go well for you this cycle!!!


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