Monday, May 10, 2010

When will I learn?

When will I learn that no good can come of reading updates on Fac.ebo.ok?

Last week I learned that a friend--several years older than I, with four children between ages 18 and 24--is going to be a grandmother again this fall. I was mildly annoyed to see that my friend's daughter, who is not yet 25 and who got married two months before MM and me, is clearly as fertile as my friend her mother, for whom having four children in six years was no problem. She will have two children before her second wedding anniversary.

Tonight I checked status updates and learned that a former coworker of mine is pregnant with her second and due in September. And this one's a girl! At least she spared us the ultrasound photo (though it may still be coming).

I was just starting to feel good about the fact that nearly everyone I knew who was pregnant has given birth in the past few months. I only had one pregnant friend/acquaintance left! Now I am back up to three!

This is why no good can come of checking Fac.eb.ook.


  1. Sometimes I just have to take break from facebook! It really can just make for a hard day! Hope your day today is better!

  2. I am just catching up...again!

    I love the new blog look - very springy.

    As for the FB stuff, I liked the status you wrote in a previous post and would love to put that as mine. I for the life of me can not figure out why people feel the need to post things about/to people they know who are not even on FB (or can't read-in the case of some of the children copy and paste statuses). My take on these kind of people is that they are covering up insecurities. "If everyone sees how happy and wonderful things are in my copy and paste status, they won't realize all the other crap that is going on..." Just my 2cents. (-;

    I have a couple of girls on FB that I used to babysit who are currently pregnant with their 4th babies...both of them. FB is full of landmines. I hope there are easier FB days to come for you.

    I have never tested out a trigger so no good insight as to how many days of + peesticks you should get. I've heard sketchy things about dollar store cheapies so be careful with those things.

    I'm hoping at least one of those 2 mature follicles held 1/2 the dna of your future baby. Hang in there through this wait. You are getting there.

  3. Ugh! I'm beginning to hate FB for thus exact reason!!!


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