Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I may have mentioned here before that I normally don't feel my ovulation at all. I know that many women say they have pains either leading up to or at the time of ovulation, but I have never been one of those women. I've never had any type of cramping, pressure, pain, aching or anything else that I could directly attribute to ovulation.

But. . . . as I mentioned in yesterday's post, ever since yesterday morning, I have had a lot of pressure and aching in my lower abdomen, especially on the right side. This is in a similar location to where I first felt a twinge or two shortly after finishing my Clomid. The pressure/ache is definitely more today than yesterday. My whole lower abdomen--below the belly button--is tender when palpated. I've also been very bloated, and it's not related at all to anything I've been eating. (I've been extra careful the past few days to avoid foods that would cause me to be bloated.)

I can't help but think that these symptoms must be related to my ovaries. They are mild but definitely something different from my usual cycles.

I just hope that these symptoms indicate that my ovaries are working hard and will produce some quality eggs this cycle!

Also, my OPK this morning was negative, so we are still a "go" for triggering Thursday night and IUI on Saturday morning. And coincidentally, I noticed some fertile CM this morning for the first time this cycle.

On a non-TTC-related note, I also have been unable to shake the head cold that my DH shared with me over the weekend. While my coughing has improved, I am still congested and very tired. Not sure if I'm tired because my congestion interfered with my sleep or because of the cold itself. Either way, it stinks!

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  1. i'm so glad it worked out that the IUI won't interfere with your stuff on friday. good luck on saturday! i hope it is a success :)


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