Thursday, April 16, 2009

Change of plans

Remember when I started this cycle and I was concerned about my IUI falling on the morning of Friday 4/17? Because I had a deposition I was supposed to take that morning?


This morning at 10:55, I dutifully requested a bathroom break during the deposition I was attending to go and POAS. I was not all that surprised to see that this morning's OPK was a positive. (And, true to my usual pattern, the test line started darkening even before the urine hit the control line, so a very obvious positive.)

Per my instructions, I called our clinic's nurse line and left a message about my + OPK. I then returned to my deposition, knowing that I wouldn't receive a call back until after lunch.

Back in my office after the deposition and lunch, at 1:40, I got the call back. And was informed that because my body has now started to surge on its own, I needed to take my trigger shot ASAP and reschedule my IUI to tomorrow morning at 9:30.

[sigh] I knew this was going to happen. Knew it since CD 2.

To make a long story short, I cancelled the deposition with minimal difficulty (to be rescheduled within the next 2-3 weeks) and rushed home to take my trigger shot. I did the shot at 2:15, which is not bad considering I live 20 minutes from my office.

Although I have given many, many shots in my life--having been a hospital nurse for seven years before going to law school in 2001--I had never given myself one until today. Mixing the hCG powder with the sterile water and drawing the medication into the syringe was a snap. Hell, nothing I haven't done hundreds of times before, though it's been a while.

Poking myself wasn't as hard as I thought it might be either. I just darted the needle into my abdomen.

But injecting the medication was another story. After pushing the plunger down just a tiny little bit, the injection site started burning. I finished as quickly as is safe to get it over with, and the spot burned some more. It continued to burn, getting increasingly less, for at least 5-7 minutes. Yikes!

Anyhow. It's done, and I'll post an update on how the IUI goes tomorrow after I have it. I hope this works and that I don't have to give myself too many more shots!!


  1. Oh honey - I'm sorry it was so difficult - thank God you were a nurse! And you are right - I guess we know our bodies better than anyone. I'm totally prayer/keeping my fingers crossed/facing Mecca for you on this one. I can't wait for an update! Good luck! Sending lots of love!

  2. bummer. i didn't want to say anything, but when you said you had one that was 20 a few days ago, i was worried that might happen! i hope 2 mature eggs are released and fertilized tomorrow :) good luck!

  3. Hi S
    i'm thinking about you this morning! i hope everything goes smoothly and this is the only time you need to do this. stay calm and positive today!

  4. Popped on over from LFCA - good luck!!! Thinking good thoughts for you!


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