Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick update

Still haven't tested: determined to follow doctor's instructions and wait until tomorrow morning.

Still having some vague "symptoms" that could be either progesterone side effects or early pregnancy signs.

Still anxious, but at least today I have a reason: I am defending my first-ever expert deposition. Oh, and our expert? He's never given a deposition before. So a little bit of the "blind leading the blind" here, and I am understandably nervous about how it will go.

Nothing else to share. I'm off to take my expert to lunch before the deposition.

I will definitely post tomorrow, whether I get a BFN or BFP.


  1. Good girl for not testing early! Good luck in the morning and I hope the disposition went well.

  2. i am thinking all positive thoughts for you, both for the deposition and the real test tomorrow!!

  3. sending good ju ju for you for some great news tomorrow! good luck!

  4. Yikes, good luck with the deposition. And good luck with the test tomorrow!

  5. just log one all-encompassing objection to the entire depo and be done with it! lol. good luck!!

    and you are a strong woman for not testing!


  6. oh wait, he's your witness! sorry, i read it backwards!

    ok, so tell the other attorney that their all-encompassing objection is bs.


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