Monday, April 13, 2009

CD 12

Nothing new to report on the TTC front. My OPKs over the weekend and this morning were negative; they actually looked much the same as Friday's, so no real change there. I'm actually beginning to wonder a little whether I will even have any follicles. (Actually, looking back at the cycles I charted where I used OPKs, I've never had a + one before CD 13 even without meds. So I guess the absence of + OPKs at this point is nothing to be concerned about.)

I have zero symptoms. I have been extremely tired the past few days, but it's more likely due to the cold & cough that my husband gave me than due to anything having to do with my cycle or the Clomid I took.

I had an acupuncture session on Saturday, as usual. I found out that I won't be able to go again the next three weeks due to conflicts between the clinic's schedule and mine. I really like the place I go, and they specialize in fertility acupuncture, but they are so busy that getting an appointment is hard. And they are located too far from my office for me to go in on weekdays, so I generally try to make a Saturday appointment. This coming Saturday was unavailable, and I will be out of town the two Saturdays after that.

Honestly, I'm not sure how much the acupuncture is helping anyway. I started going at the end of January and have gone every week but one since then. I've also been taking herbs prescribed to me in conjunction with the acupuncture. I am obviously not pregnant yet, so to the extent that the "success" of these treatments would be measured by results, they haven't been effective. (As a side note, I should add that MM thinks the acu & herbs are a waste of time and money, and my RE supports their use, as he has seen them be of help to other patients.)

I can't say that I really notice any differences in my body that I can relate directly to the acupuncture except for one: the color of my menstrual flow has been a much brighter red since I've been doing the acu & herbs. And for two of the three periods I've had since I started, I had no spotting prior to starting full flow. (I did have the same old rust-colored spotting 12 hours before starting this cycle, though.) Not sure what effect, if any, that would have on my fertility, though.

Tomorrow morning is my u/s to check my follicles. I hope I have at least one good one! I'll post again tomorrow with an update.

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