Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This and that

I feel a little bad for my last post. Well, not for the post itself, so much as I feel bad that I was so irritable with MM, who really didn't do much to deserve it. Oh well. In reading the comments, I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who has been annoyed by her husband at times. . . . I guess we all have days when we are grouchy, and our spouses sometimes bear the brunt of that.

The waiting game continues. I have had some vague symptoms, but nothing that I wouldn't attribute to side effects of the progesterone gel. My feelings about this cycle see-saw between hope that it worked and resignation that it didn't. Honestly, I am past the point where the thought of failure even makes me sad anymore.

In addition to the irritability I had on Sunday, I have had some free-floating anxiety the past two days--can't tie it to anything specific going on with me--and just some generalized feelings of ickiness. I've also been really tired, in spite of getting plenty of good sleep. To the extent that I think about it at all, I think that the way I'm feeling emotionally at the moment is much more consistent with PMS than with being pregnant. Of course, having never been pregnant, I can't say for sure. But I've always assumed that a pregnant woman has a special feeling of blessedness and grace. (Yeah, dorky, I know.) Anxiety, grumpiness, and general malaise aren't really consist with that.

Work has been moderately busy, which is good for keeping the mind off TTC. MM and I, along with our dog Sebastian, are meeting another golden retriever this evening. If all goes well with the meeting, the other golden ("Hunter") will be coming to live with us and be our second dog! So that's exciting.

Can't believe Friday is already May. Wow.

P.S. Thanks to all the folks who visited my blog for the first time as part of ICLW. I enjoyed reading your comments, and it's nice to know that someone is reading this besides me!


  1. Two doggies! That's great. I have one and we did talk of getting a sibling. But we have a brittany spaniel who is way more high maintenance than a golden. I can't have 3 brittanies. She is our dog with ADHD.
    Check out my non profit website and blog. www.parenthoodforme.org. We need help spreading the word. Good luck with your results.

  2. You're almost there! Hang in there, only three days to go!

  3. Ya, I was sure I wasn't after my first cycle because I didn't have a glowing feeling. I wasn't, and I wouldn't know, and I know people tell me otherwise, but I still always romanticize it until it happens to me.

  4. One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is unpredictable craziness. I lost it over posing for a picture. A friend of mine had a meltdown over cold cuts. Husbands left completely bewildered and convinced they were married to crazy people. Shortly thereafter, surprise BFPs. Hugs.

  5. Last night, I screamed at my husband for DOING the dishes (I wanted to wait until the washer was full), when every other day of our marriage, I've screamed at him for NOT doing the dishes. I realized I should keep my mouth shut and count my blessings...so please don't feel too bad! :)


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