Monday, April 20, 2009

(cue Jeopardy! theme song)

Nothing to report. Just waiting. I am taking progesterone gel vaginally at bedtime each night (starting last night), so even if I *do* develop "symptoms," I will be sensibly attributing them to medication side effects.

Oh, and on a side note, may I say that the progestrone gel is icky! Going in it is fine, but hours later--yuck!

MM and I are in the process of getting approved to adopt a second Golden Retriever from the same rescue group who gave me my current dog, Sebastian. So that is VERY exciting!

Just keeping busy with work, dog adopting, piano, and trying not to obsess. . . . .


  1. I am on progesterone gel (more like lotion) everyday and it becomes very interesteing to say the least after 2 weeks of being on it. It sucks, but its what we have to do right?

    Good luck!!

    ICLW :)

  2. Ugh, I hate progesterone. Nasty stuff. Don't wear any of your good underwear. :)

  3. Happy ICLW. Best of luck with your IUI. I was alos unexplained and eventually got pregnant through IVF (never even came close before)- had my son lasy May. Now I have a very early pregnancy without ART, so there is hope out there. I really hope that this is the cycle for you.


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