Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Embryo Update

I got our last call from the St. Mungo's lab this morning regarding the outcome of the rest of our embryos.  One blastocyst was frozen yesterday (in addition to the two we transferred), and three additional blastocysts are being frozen today.  Of the other seven embryos, a few made it to the blastocyst stage but are not of sufficient quality to be frozen.  The rest did not make it to the blastocyst stage and are dying off.

So we will have four frozen blastocysts in case we need future tries, either if this cycle doesn't take or if we want another child.  (Discussion about the latter possibility has been tabled not only until we know the outcome of this cycle but also until any child born of this cycle is at least a year old.  Although obviously if we have twins this go-around, we will be done.)

Not yet knowing the outcome of our fresh cycle, it's nice to know that we have these frozen embryos waiting for us, just in case.  The expense of doing another fresh DE cycle would be too much for us to bear, but we could eventually afford a FET or two if necessary.  And should we decide not to use them in the future, MM is adamant that we should donate them to another couple.

Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments yesterday and throughout this process.  We are optimistic and doing our best to stay calm and think positive thoughts.  June 24 (beta day) can't get here soon enough!  :-)


  1. So sorry I haven't been commenting, I had blogger issues - but I've been reading and I am just so thrilled that you've transferred 2 awesome blasts and have 4 frozens waiting for you! Yes. Let the 2ww begin.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you all every day. So glad you had some extras. Good luck! As a person in waiting myself, I know June 24 seems far away but it will be here before you know it!

  3. So thrilled for you! 2 great ones transferred and 4 more in the freezer. Sending all good and positive thoughts your way!!

  4. It is great that you got 4 blasts. Try to enjoy the next couple of weeks as much as you can and don't over think things too much.

  5. So glad you have frozen embies, that's so great! For me having some in the freezer did sooooo much to take the pressure off. Good luck with the 2WW...you can do it!

  6. AHHHHH S and MM! So freakin' excited for you two! My everything is crossed this is it! Congrats on being PUPO!


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