Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update on N and Baby W

You may recall my post about my friend N and her baby a few weeks ago.  I haven't provided an update, so I wanted to today.

N's cerclage was placed, and she got through the critical first 48 hours without pre-term labor and was released to home bedrest.  N had her two week post-cerclage appointment with her MFM Monday.  Baby W appears to be doing very well; she was 24 weeks 3 days at the appointment and was measuring two days ahead per usual. Everything else looked fine according to the doctor, and he was very optimistic that N would make it to term.

The MFM was prepared to release N from bed rest to light activity, but she is waiting to see what the regular OB has to say later this week. Once she gets past 28 weeks without issues, she should be able to return to her office as long as the OB agrees.

Thanks again for your prayers, which have helped to get them this far.  Please continue to keep N and Baby W in your thoughts and prayers.  Every day Baby W can remain in utero improves her chances once she is born.

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  1. sending love to your friend. I am glad she is stable now but realize this is long, scary road. Does she know about our blog world? there are probably lots of bed rest moms out there to support her.


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