Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fertilization report

I finally talked with one of the embryologists at St. Mungo's.  Of the 17 eggs retrieved yesterday, 13 of those were mature.  All 13 of them fertilized normally with ICSI. 

So we currently have a "baker's dozen" of embryos!  Here's hoping that they continue to develop normally.

I had my first PIO injection last night.  I decided I would give myself the first injection, first because I wanted to show MM the proper technique for an intramuscular injection (I never did get fruit for him to practice on, as I'd planned), and second because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  I will probably let MM do most of the rest, especially the ones on the left side, but I think it went fine.

Piercing my skin and muscle with the needle hardly hurt at all.  I warmed the PIO to body temperature before I injected, and I still had to depress the plunger SLOOOOOOOOWLY because it is so thick.  I had only a little pain during the injection.  I applied a warm pad to the area after injecting and also walked around (including a 15-minute walk with the dogs) to help the medication absorb into the muscle.

Today there is no visible sign that I had a shot there, but there is some soreness deep down in the muscle.  Ouch!  I will have to stay on these until 12 weeks of pregnancy if our cycle works, so I'm looking at about 70 more PIO injections.  I can only imagine how my a$$ will feel by the time I'm done with them. . . .

I'm proud of myself.  Before IF, I couldn't even stand to prick my own finger.  Now I can give myself injections!  Ah, the personal growth, LOL.


  1. Wow, I cannot believe you did the PIO on your own. I had my first last night as well and it feels like I got punched in the ass, hard, really hard.

    So excited for your bakers dozen of embryos, wow!

  2. @Gurlee: I figure there will be times when my husband isn't home to do the PIO shots, so I wanted to be sure I could if I had to. Also, another IF blogger told me she did her own, and I thought "If she can do it, I can do it." ;-)

  3. Awesome stats, girl! I could give myself shots with the smaller stim needles, but never the PIO. I admire you!

  4. wow!! so awesome! 13 embryos!

    you are awesome giving yourself the pio shot...... the first couple weeks i was fine with the shot, but it has started to get to me now. i have a little numbness on the top layer of skin, and i can sort of feel welts if i push on the muscle. it only hurts in the morning though.....right when i get out of bed. other than that it is fine.....much better than the endometrin!

    hoping for a quick and uneventful transfer! i will be watching for updates!

  5. Awesome report S! And way to go on the self-administered PIO shot! I couldn't do it...DH did it for me. We even worked the shots around his shift schedule. OH one other tip...have MM vigourously rub the injection site. Walking is a good idea too but I found a good rub made the pain less painful. And I wrapped my PIO around the heating pad to further thin out the PIO. But whatever works for ya! Can't wait to hear your Day 5 report!

  6. amazing results, 100% fert rate of the mature eggs is fantastic :)
    Good luck with the PIO, they do really suck. I figured out how to do them myself as well but prefer to have my husband do them for me. I would suggest heating pad after the shot to help with that soreness-
    luck and love to you

  7. Great news, you have so much to work with. Thinking and you and hoping this will be successful. I have a good feeling about this for you!

  8. Hats off to you injecting yourself. It is amazing what we are capable of doing to give ourselves the best chance at a baby.

    13 embryos is awesome! Only 3 more days!


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