Monday, June 27, 2011

Leap Day

I've calculated our potential due date on several different online calculators.  With our egg retrieval on June 8, according to all but one of these calculators, our due date for this pregnancy would be February 29.

Kinda cool, huh?

Also, neither of us have anyone in our families with a birthday in February.  (MM, his parents and my nephew are all in the fall, October & November, and my nuclear family are all in the spring, March/April/May.)  So our baby(ies?) will be the first one(s?) in the family with a February birthday.

Second beta is tomorrow.


  1. Wow a leap day baby would be cool. Don't get too hung up on the due date as it so rare that babies arrive on time - especially twins. My dd is 9/11 and I am certaintly hoping that is not the day I give birth. So excited for you though and can't wait to hear how that number doubles tomorrow!

  2. That would be awesome! He or she would certainly have a rare birthday. :) Good luck at tomorrow's beta!!! I'm rooting for great numbers.

  3. That is awesome! I'm not sure he/she/they would like having a birthday only once every four years, though! Good luck tomorrow ... when is the ultrasound going to be?

  4. @sunflowerchilde, assuming tomorrow's beta result is good, our first u/s will be July 11.


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