Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2 Embryo Update

(If I had realized St. Mungo's would be calling this morning, rather than this afternoon, I would have waited to publish my previous post.  Guess they wanted to make up for yesterday's late call. . . or maybe they just want to go home early on a Friday.  Anyway. . . . )

I just got a call from the St. Mungo's embryology lab with our Day 2 update on our embryos.  At this stage, according to the information they provided us, the embryos should be dividing and have between 2 and 4 cells.  They also grade the embryos good, fair or poor.  They also look at whether the embryos have fragmentation and hope to see minimal to no fragmentation.

Of the 13 embryos we had yesterday, 8 currently have 4 cells, 4 currently have 2 cells, and 1 is still at the one-cell stage (but she said it is possible for it to still divide).  Of the 12 embryos which are where they should be, 7 are graded good, and 5 are graded fair, and only one of the 2-cell embryos has minimal fragmentation; the rest of the embryos have no fragmentation.

So all good news!  We are now confirmed for a 5-day blastocyst transfer on Monday!


  1. great news!!!! good luck on Monday :)

  2. HOORAY! This is great! Good luck Monday - looking forward to your updates!

  3. Awesome. Best of luck on Monday!

  4. Woohoo! Love to hear good news. I am so excited for you.


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