Sunday, August 2, 2009

Survived my first Follistim injection

I gave myself my first-ever Follistim shot yesterday evening. The shot itself was not as bad as I'd feared. It stung a little because I was too impatient and didn't let the pen reach room temperature, but compared to the horrible stinging I had with my first hCG shot, it was a piece of cake. I also took my first dose of Clomid for this cycle last night before bed.

Last night I woke up FOUR times to pee. (Once or not at all would be more usual for me.) And woke up one other time in a sweat. I blame both of these things on the meds. Has anyone else experienced this?

Today I feel normal. I'll be taking my second injection and dose of Clomid this evening. Fun, fun.

Tomorrow I am beginning a little weight loss challenge with some friends. I do need to lose weight, and it should be a good way to take my mind off my fertility (or lack thereof) during this cycle.

EDITED TO ADD: I was once again "slapped in the face" by the fertility of two new Facebook "friends." One is a police officer who I knew as a prosecutor; he and his wife posted an ultrasound photo of their baby boy. The other is a law school classmate of mine. He and his wife had a little girl while we were in law school, and on his profile, I noticed photos of him with the little girl and with two little boys who appeared to be twins between ages 2 and 3. I wrote a brief message on his Wall asking if he had three children now. His response: "yes, and number four is on the way in December." [sigh]


  1. I'm glad the injections are going well. Sorry about your friends on facebook. I know that must hurt.

  2. Yes! Definitely you do wake up in a sweat! Whats your dose? It's not all that bad! Make sure you rotate your injections switching back and forth on your belly. I am currently almost 6 weeks pregnant. I wish you the best and stay positive!

  3. Yes, I had the night sweats too, but it has been even worse for me on Femara, which I have moved onto after 6 months of Clomid. Clomid made me pretty moody and have bad acne. Hopefully it will go better for you!

  4. I am happy to hear that your injections are going well so far. I never took them myself but I wish you tons of luck this cycle.

    Sorry about your FB friends. :(

  5. Glad to know your injections are going well! Sorry about the PG news around you! Hope this cycle turns in to your miracle BFP! You have an award waiting at my blog!


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