Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick hCG update

I am behind on my billable hours for this month, so I only have time for a brief post.

I got a call from my RE's office, and yesterday's beta hCG level was 3, meaning not pregnant. Their take on the situation is that my body has handled the early miscarriage itself, no intervention will be needed, and I should be getting my period in the next 2-4 weeks.

When I get my period, I am to call the nurse line for CD 1 and will have to go for another beta hCG level. (Interesting, I have never had to have a beta hCG with my CD 1 before starting treatment; guess they are paranoid--as I am --that something like this could happen again.) Assuming that comes back negative also, we are cleared to resume treatment then.

Anyone have any ideas about when I might expect my period? My usual cycle length is 27 days or so, but I know that a miscarriage, even an early one, can screw things up. I am to call the office if I have not started my period by four weeks from today.

So we are back to the familiar theme: wait, wait, wait.


  1. It took about 1 1/2 weeks for my HCG to hit zero and AF to arrive with my first early loss.

  2. The waiting never ends, does it? I'm so sorry about your chemical pg. I hope things get moving again quickly.

  3. For me and both of my early miscarriages (chemical pregnancies) I saw AF 6 days late for one, and 12 days late for the other....hoping AF shows up quickly for you. Both of them were pretty much like normal periods too. ((hugs))

  4. Just wanted to send (((Hugs))) your way. I hope the wait is not long! :-(

  5. First, I'm so sorry. Even the earliest of miscarraiges suck. Been there, and I know it hurts.

    If your HCG is already down to 3 and you're usually pretty regular, your period probably will start in a week, two at the most.

    Don't be surprised if AF hurts like a motherfucker. Unlike Dawn, I always have had a LOT more pain from the early m/c than from a period. I prescribe for you pain killers (percocet is nice) and xanax for the soul. Or maybe just booze if that's your preference.

    This totally sucks. I'm so sorry.

  6. The waiting is the hardest. When I had my miscarriage the bleeding and pain was much more than I expected. Wishing you all teh best.

  7. I'm hoping the wait isn't long and you are able to move forward soon. Sending many hugs...

  8. Oh ugh. I just hate this for you honey. (And I, too, am behind in my hours!)

  9. "Wait" is a four letter word. Like "hope." Both of those get to me sometimes. I'm so sorry for all you're going through.


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