Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Status quo

I haven't posted simply because I've had nothing to share. Nothing is happening on the TTC front because I am waiting to have a "normal period" before I can start another treatment cycle. (I may use an OPK or two starting this weekend, just to check.) My not-a-real-period lasted the same two days of regular flow and two days of spotting that it usually does and has been over for a few days.

I also haven't been feeling particularly angst-y about our infertility these past few days. Yes, I have had to endure two more pregnancy announcements since my last post and innumberable baby- and pregnancy-related posts on Fac.ebook. . . . but it hasn't really bothered me much. Not sure if it's because I am just focused on other things or am slowly coming to a point of (gasp!) acceptance about our situation. (I've also decided that it's OK to use the "hide" function for certain FB friends status updates.)

I have been keeping busy at work and with various other things in my life and just really haven't been focusing much attention or energy on our childlessness. I'm working more hours; I am volunteering with my goldens' rescue group in addition to my other volunteer work with foster child M; I'm pet-sitting for my best friend, who is on an Alaskan cruise; and just generally living my life.

I can't wait to see my nephew R next month! He will be 3 years old on November 8 and is quite precocious. I am totally biased, but I think R is an adorable child and am looking forward to spending time with him, even though I'm told he is a "handful" these days.

My sister told me today that he "totally rocked out" to Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" when she replayed it for him on the TiVo. . . . "complete with leg kicks and air-guitar (stuffed fish) playing." Wish I had been there to see that. I have no doubt that he will do and say many cute things during our visit.

Happily, being with my beloved nephew is such a joy when I am with him that I only feel a twinge or two about the fact that I may never have a child of my own. I am able to focus on him and what a fun little guy he has become more than my own sadness, etc.

So that's what's going on. Not much, but no news is good news, right?


  1. I just found your blog after you posted something on Mel's blog. I'll add you to my list. I am no longer TTC, but have created a product to help women who are. Being a nurse you may have some experience in the mind/body connection and would love to hear your feedback if you are interested. Best, Joanne

  2. Sounds like you are in a busy place and feeling some peace right now...a great place to be.

  3. I'm with you - the best way to keep from going IF nuts is to just plan stay busy! I work a second job, garden, we have a zoo and I volunteer with a pet rescue group (Austin Pets Alive). And I love, love, love nephew time! :) My two nephews never fail to completely amuse - and exhaust - me! :)

  4. I don't think you are biased at all - from what I have seen, he is adorable!


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