Monday, August 17, 2009

No news is good news

Good, relaxing weekend, despite the fact that I had to do a 250+-mile round trip to visit M in her group home placement on Saturday. MM and I saw two movies which we enjoyed very much (I Love You Man on DVD and District 9 in the theater); I read two good books (one of which is Silent Sorority); and did no work despite the fact that I am a bit behind on my billable hours for the month. I got very little done--no housework, laundry or groceries--but got a lot of rest, which was great.

Nothing new to report on the TTC front. At MM's request, I peed on an OPK this morning, and I got a distinct negative. No cramps, spotting, or anything else going on "down there." My nipples had been sore for days (since right after my first positive HPT) and are now back to normal. Wait, wait, wait.

On the plus side, not a single friend announced a pregnancy or birth this weekend on Fac.ebook. (Though a few posted pregnancy or baby-related status updates.) So that's something for which to be thankful. ;-)

Tomorrow morning is back to the usual routine. Work, gym, dinner, walk dogs, read, sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I realize that this post portrays my life as quite dull at the moment. Actually, after the summer I've had, I'm fine with dull.

P.S. I appreciate all the support and comments. It is a good feeling to know that others are reading what I'm writing and thinking positive thoughts for me. (I do find it interesting to note that the comment that has garnered the most comments of any was Bad Karma Dog, which had nothing to with TTC or IF. It was posted during an ICLW, so perhaps that is the reason. Or maybe because it included photos of such cute golden retrievers.)


  1. Glad you're getting to go back to "dull" this week! Hope it's relaxing! What did you think of District 9? DH and I were a little "hmmmm" about it!

  2. There is something refreshing about dull. A time to regroup and find our steps again. And I'm happy for you that you had no "announcements" - that defaintely makes for a good week!

  3. I still hate FB even though it's been acting nice.

    Also, we saw District 9 this weekend - I'm curoius what you thought. I liked it, but thought it was REALLY violent. Also, lots of bodily noises. And lots of political commentary? Can't wait to hear your thoughts. And yes, dull is GOOD - sometimes it's nice when life starts to show a pattern. :)

  4. I think you need a little "dull" about now.

    Yeah for no FB drama. I had to drop that habit a couple weeks back. (-;

    I think ICLW had a lot to do with your post...not that it wasn't great as you know I'm a sucker for a big golden lovebug...but ICLW is a really great way to find and "meet" new people.

  5. I'm sure it was the cute puppy pics. :)


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