Thursday, August 6, 2009

Positive OPK on CD 8?!

I am a little freaked out. My OPK at 10:40 was positive! I now have to go in for an u/s at 1:00 this afternoon to see what is going on.

I hope this doesn't mean our cycle is screwed. . . .


  1. Good luck! I hope they can give you some good (and reassuring) news. It does seem unusual - but I have never been on that combination, so I don't have much insight. I really hope it's not a big deal!

  2. This same thing happened to me. My RE said that Clomid can cause false positives on OPK's.
    He was right..I didn't ovulate for 7 days. I have heard that you should test w/ OPK's 3 days after your last Clomid pill.

  3. I had the exact same thing happen on Clomid-I got false positive results on D8/9/10. This caused us to unfortunately mis-gauge the timing for 2 IUIs, b/c they were being done at my reguler OB and not an RE; they didn't monitor with u/s. NOW I find out from my RE that Clomid causes that to happen in some women, and that you can't go on the OPK alone. Good thing you also have an u/s!

  4. Your on follistim too right? If so, it could be right!! I triggered on CD 11 with clomid and follistim...,I'm telling you that Follistim really kicks those follies into gear!

    Either way, I'm sure your fine. Good luck at your appt!


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