Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Sebastian

Today is my dog's 8th birthday! Though I've noticed him slowly becoming less active over the past couple of years (which we now know is due to mitral valve insufficiency), it's hard to believe he is 8.

Since I adopted him when I was 31, still single and childless, Sebastian has been the recipient of all my maternal love and affection. Like many women, I wanted to be a mom before I was in a position to even TTC. Some people may consider it strange or sad, but in some ways, Sebastian has helped to fill the void in my life caused by not having a child of my own to love. I don't know what I'd do without him; he has brought me happiness every single day that he's been in my home.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of "my boy" from over the 7+ years I have had him:

The day I brought him home from his rescue foster home, August 25, 2002

Taken during a professional shoot we did in December 2003

Another shot from the December 2003 shoot

On the beach in Rocky Point, July 2008

A random day with a stuffed toy, fall 2007 (pre-Hunter: they don't get stuffed toys now to avoid fights)

Welcoming Hunter and sharing his "comfort couch," May 2009 (Sebastian is the one in the back)


  1. Happy Birthday little guy! I love to see pictures of him and his brother - make sure he gets special tummy rubs today (and give him one extra from me).

  2. I feel the same way about my cats. They get me through some tough times. God bless pets!

  3. This is really sweet, great pics! I also have two dogs that have to put up with the entire brunt of my insatiable maternal instincts. People can't always relate but I've stopped apologizing (or feeling like I have to apologize) for being so dog-centric or making dog-kid comparisons. My dogs bring so much joy to my life and my marriage and I've chosen to just embrace that instead of feeling silly.

    I too have to remove toys for fear of fights - rawhide gets them really agitated. It's sad, but better that than being in the shelter.

  4. I love your pictures of your 'kids'. I might be crazy but my dogs really are my kids! My 'daughter' is also 8 this year, and it's rough seeing her muzzle turning grey. I try to tell myself she still has at least another 5 years or so, but it's tough to see them get older! I COMPLETELY understand about having your dog fill the void when TTC! I always tell people I love my dogs more than most people!
    Thanks for your comment over on my blog too!

  5. Great pics - we seem to have more pictures of Misty than we do of ourselves!

    Here's hoping that this cycle pans out for you!

  6. That's how it was with my B-dog! She was mine first- before DH was 'mine'. LOL

    It's hard to watch them slowing down and harder to have that knowledge in the back of your mind of what getting older means for them.

    I miss my B every single day. :(


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