Friday, October 23, 2009

Is everyone a parent or pregnant?

This post got me thinking about my own Fac.ebo.ok friends. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, it seems like an awful lot of them are pregnant or have young children.

I counted today, and of my 322 friends, approximately 25 of them are past child-bearing age (I used age 42 for women and no cut-off for men), and I didn't count them. Also, there are about 25 of the remaining almost-300 who I don't know well enough--or don't talk to often enough--to know whether or not they have children and what their ages may be.

Of those friends remaining, about 270-some, the breakdown is as follows:
  • 145 have children age 18 or under
  • 48 of those have at least one child under age 2 (and in some cases, more than one)
  • 11 are pregnant or have pregnant wives
In fairness, I will also disclose that 5 of the women with children under 2 and two of the pregnant women are women I met through my fertility charting website. (That may slightly skew the results.) Even taking that into account, that leaves 43 people with kids under 2 and 9 pregnant people.

I guess this shows that not EVERYONE I know is pregnant or parenting. It only seems that way. ;-)

Still, over half of my friends on FB who are of child-bearing age are currently parenting, and that's a lot.


  1. I know, it's depressing and disgusting. What else can I say? I wish I could make you feel better in some way, but I can't. Sorry ):

    Anyhow, good luck on your upcoming u/s. It's something to look forward to, and hopefully you can add yourself to your fa.cebo.ok poll.

  2. I feel you on the depressing nature of Facebook. The belly pics are a real knife in the heart every time I sign on... especially when they are former students! Kill me now. I hope you will have exciting news to share on FB some day real soon.


  3. Wow that is a LOT of pregnant and/or parenting people. I am afraid to even count my Facebook friends who are pregnant/parenting ... I am sure I'd come up with a similar number. The ones who post about their kids or pregnancies every 5 minutes are the hardest ... I usually end up having to hide them on my homepage!


  4. Since starting IF, I've met TWO other childless couple, and one was by choice. I've met met others with fertility issues, but they have kids already. It truly seems we are the last childless couple on earth!

  5. Our church recently tried to start a series of small groups based on life stages. At first they didn't even think of a group for childless couples who weren't empty nesters or seniors, and when they did add one, my husband and I were the only ones who signed up. *sigh*



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