Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Show & Tell


(Originally this post had photos. In the interest of not having photos of my family, including my nephew, on display indefinitely, I have removed them as of 5/29/2012.)

Nearly three years ago--it will be three years exactly on November 8th--my sister did something for my parents that I will never get to do: she made them grandparents for the first time by giving birth to my nephew Rowan. (Even if we are eventually successful with TTC, my mom and dad are now already grandparents.)

I got to spend lots of time with Rowan during our recent vacation. We spent half of the eight days of our trip with him and my sister and brother-in-law. We even took the little guy to the National Zoo on our own one day while Mama and Daddy were at work. (That was an adventure I'm sure my husband will never forget!)

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Rowan from our recent visit.

Playing in the wood chips at the playground

Flexing for Uncle M

At the zoo play area (which he preferred to the animal exhibits)

Finished an ice cream cone with only a little help from Auntie S


  1. What a handsome boy. ;) You were kind in not mentioning what a wild beast he was for you guys at the zoo. :)

  2. My niece was the first grandchild in my family. I loved her to death but it was hard to be around her sometimes.

  3. As the last of four girls, I never had any thought that I would be able to provide a first anything...glad I escaped that expectation.

    Your nephew is certainly a cutie.

  4. He's super cute!

    I know exactly how you feel about not being able to give the first grandchild. I'm the oldest in my family, but my little sister who is 3 years younger than me got pregnant and had my niece in 2008. The interesting thing is that, while Jayla (my niece) was my parent's first grandchild, my son (that we're in the process of adopting through the foster system) is actually older! So, he'll be their oldest grandchild, while she'll be their 1st!

    Thanks for sharing! It looks like he had fun!

  5. he looks like a right handful!! But cute with it!! ;-) My own niece and nephew are adorable but sometimes I am quite happy to know that they go home with their parents at the end of the day!!

  6. He's really cute, and also looks like he can keep you running!

    My older sis provided the first grandchild, but she was a "surprise," a bit before any of us (including sis) were really thinking about kids, so no big "who will be first?" buildup there. Big sis was also the first to give a grandson, of which there is only one (4 granddaughters, though). I am the childless auntie, prone to spoil them all silly and give them back.

  7. So cute :-) And I am very familiar with that cushiony pizza play space at the zoo.

  8. Great pictures. It is so much fun taking kids on an outing like that.


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