Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IUI #2.1, CD 13

Today is CD 13 for me, and so far, still no + OPKs. (I have been checking twice a day--once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon--since Monday morning's u/s.) That's a good thing. The NP told me at my u/s on Monday that my best chance of all my four potential follicles developing and releasing mature eggs would be if my body does not start its own LH surge prior to my trigger shot (scheduled for tonight at midnight). If I'd surged on my own and had to trigger earlier, odds are good that I'd only have had 1-2 follicles large enough to contain mature eggs.

Ovulation must be getting close for me, though--notwithstanding the fact that I will be trigger tonight--because my cervix is very high and soft, and I have a lot egg-white cervical mucus. . . so much that I noticed it without doing an internal check. I hope that's good.

So I have my fingers crossed that all four of the follicles we saw on Monday's u/s will have developed enough prior to the trigger to produce mature eggs. The more eggs I have, the more "targets" there will be for the sperm, and thus more chances of pregnancy. (Right? It seems logical.) At my age, and with our history, I feel that there is a much greater chance of yet another BFN than my conceiving high-order multiples. I know it's a possibility, but it seems to me to be a slim one.

I am feeling slightly bloated, and the scale went up a pound and a half overnight, despite my eating healthfully all day yesterday and drinking about 3 liters of water. I'm thinking that the bloat and water retention is due to all that (excellent) activity going on in my ovaries and expect both to subside once I take the trigger shot tonight and ovulate.

I'm oddly optimistic about this cycle. I've obsessed the least that I've done during any cycle in quite some time, and I am perversely encouraged by the fact that my body has not yet produced its own LH surge. In both prior cycles when I've used meds and planned to do IUI (one that I did, one which had to be converted to timed intercourse), I got a + OPK prior to the day when I was scheduled to take my trigger shot. There is probably no significance at all to this last fact, but it gives me hope simply because it is one way in which this cycle is not like the previous (failed) medicated cycles I've had.

We shall see what happens. I shall report on Friday how the IUI went.


  1. Thanks for the insight on how these things work. If I'm not pregnant by March I'm not sure how we'll proceed, I guess testing first, but it is helpful to hear about other people's journeys to be prepared for what to expect as we begin this journey.

    I really hope you guys are successful this time!

  2. I hope that all 4 release for you! Yay! I had to trigger for both of my IUI's, even though my body naturally ovulates on its own. I think it had something to do with the Clomid and my body's reaction to it. But, hey, I just found out today that I am/was allergic to sperm. The allergy has been reversed, so I am more hopeful for this cycle than I have been in 2 years. Baby dust to both of us =)

  3. Good luck! We are in the wait together... Question, does your RE do a progesterone check after your IUI at any point? Mine does one at 7 dpIUI; wondering if that's normal.


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