Friday, August 20, 2010

Random spam, second installment

I must admit, when I first started getting random spam comments in Chinese characters, I was confused and annoyed.  (Oddly, I never get spam comments in any other language, including English.)

Now, though, I've come to view these comments as almost like my own little fortune cookie fortunes and find them amusing.  I use babel fish to translate them, and some are quite funny.  (It's also clear that perhaps something is lost in translation.)

Here are some recent ones:

In the life the best gift belongs to an own part.

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.  (Wow, sage)

How can you pass through a piece of sea, but forgets its blue?

Attractive Ye ~ has free time certainly every day for you supports.  (Got this comment my other blog but decided to share it here.)

Gives birth for the first time the happy life, is each person's dream ~~ hoped that everybody can realize!  (Hmm, this one kind-of implies that the author actually read my blog post.)

The life looks like cup of tea, if tosses down, will shift to an earlier time sees the cup bottom.


  1. I took your advice and ran my spam comments through Babelfish as well and this is my favourite to date:

    Day air-cooled ~ must pay attention to bodily oh



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