Friday, August 27, 2010

On a lighter note. . .

Aside from my sharing the Chinese spam I get on the blog, my posts of late have been a little heavy.  So I figured why not post something a little more light-hearted, in honor of its being the start of the weekend.

(Feel free to play along if you desire; this is not my own unique idea but rather something I've read on other blogs.)

Name five things you love about your spouse:

1.  MM has a great sense of humor.  He makes me laugh nearly every day and can make me laugh when I really don't want to. . . like when I'm mad at him for something or just in a generally foul mood.  His sense of humor also means that most people who meet him like him.  It's nice to have a husband who makes a good first impression.  ;-)

2.  MM gives me my space.  Having not married until I was 37 years old, I already had a well-established life, with family, friends, work and volunteer commitments.  Some men might feel threatened by their wives doing things on their own, without them, but MM is perfectly OK with it (most of the time).  So long as I spend a significant chunk of my leisure time with him--which I do, and it's no hardship--he has no problem with my seeing my friends or family without him sometimes.  I have even traveled out of state on my own to visit friends and family.  I travel out of town monthly for my volunteer work, and he is OK with that, too.  He is even OK with my having an occasional lunch with an ex-boyfriend!

3.  MM is an excellent judge of people.  I think this quality is a combination of an innate gift and an ability honed over 12+ years of working with convicted felons at his job.  MM is much more of an observer than I and can pick up on things about people which it would take me months to realize.  Because of this quality, I trust his judgment about people much more than I do almost anyone else's.

4.  MM is very organized and routine-oriented. This quality may sound like an odd thing to love, and I will admit that it has, on occasion, also made me a little crazy, but for someone like me, who is more DISorganized and scattered, it is nice to have that balance.  Our house is in better order, and I make it to the gym more often, because of MM.  Plus, he inspires me to be better in this area.

5.  MM is sensitive.  By that, I don't mean that he is a touchy-feely, in-touch-with-his-feminine-side kind of guy, who writes poetry or makes his own greeting cards.  No, he is very masculine (and typically male) but  is actually quite tender-hearted.  (He would HATE it if I knew I was posting this about him!  He doesn't like for people to know this about him.)  He cries at movies and TV shows; he can be easily hurt by people who are important to him; and he loves our golden retrievers like children and often puts their needs (or, as he perceives it, their "desires") above his own convenience.

I am a very lucky gal.


  1. Hey! I wrote this with you in mind, S.


  2. MM sounds like a great guy. It is so important to have a good relationship with what you are going through.

  3. Wow! Are we married to the same man? Maybe not, bcs #4 doesn't apply to Mr. Jem at all.

  4. You can never be too heavy in my book. It takes a special talent to introduce the things you bring up.

    1. My husband is a great cook and enjoys it. I cannot cook.

    2. Rocco is ok w my backseat driving.

    3. My partner is ok when I get on a soap box.

    4. Rocco checks (usually) before inviting family to stay.

    5. My husband stole my dog from me. The sign of a great man.


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