Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of course

This morning's OPK was positive.  So I took my hCG trigger injection shortly after getting off the phone with the nurse who returned my call to the RE's nurse line, and our IUI has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30.

MM and I both had a feeling this was going to happen.  This has happened to us twice before.  When my lead follicle is already well over 20 mm, my body usually ovulates on its own.  (MM was inclined to curse my body for producing its own LH surge, but I pointed out that my body is only doing what it is supposed to do, what is natural.)

Normally I would be happy about this, because I'd prefer to do my IUI on the weekend, rather than miss time from work, but in this case, rescheduling the IUI to tomorrow is very inconvenient.  I have to drive the 120+ miles from home to Tucson tomorrow to visit M, the 10-year-old girl in foster care for whom I am a CASA.  I cannot reschedule the visit because tomorrow is literally the only free day I have in June to see M, whom I am obligated to visit at least once every month.  My next opportunity to visit her would not be until July 4th weekend if I canceled.

In addition to the fact that I am going to have to do more than 250 miles or so of driving tomorrow, the first half starting right after my IUI, I had planned to take M to a water park.  That plan is, of course, out the window because I won't go swimming just hours after the IUI and can't allow myself to get overheated. . . . which would be bound to happen at an outdoor pool when the daytime high is expected to be over 100 degrees tomorrow.  M was disappointed at the change of plans--for which I could only offer a vague explanation--but I will make it up to her by taking her to the water park for our July visit.

So today will be a long day.  Oh well.  I am planning on taking M on a much cooler (temperature-wise) outing than planned and will stay well-hydrated.  I hope I don't feel quite as icky and bloated as I did last month after my IUI.

I hope my 15-mm and 16-mm follicles have done enough additional growing since yesterday's u/s that they will be releasing mature eggs.  Though, really, our ideal outcome would be one healthy, perfect egg being fertilized.  I'm not picky about how that occurs. . . . I just want it to happen.

Will update tomorrow after the IUI to record the experience (and MM's total motile count) for posterity. . . . 


  1. Good luck. I will be sending you good vibes.

  2. Good luck! And I hope you find some time to relax tomorrow--what a very, very full day you will have.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you! I hope it goes well!!

  4. I can totally related to the IUI goofing up weekend plans. I was supposed to have 2 college friends and their families down to our beach house this weekend (we've been planning it for months) and I had to cancel the whole thing because my IUI was Saturday instead of Friday! Oh well, I guess our bodies are in charge! Good luck with the IUI.

  5. good luck - i have my fingers crossed for you


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