Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Musings

  • I don't know if I've mentioned recently how grateful I am to be a part of such a supportive online community.  I have learned so much from reading the blogs of other women dealing with infertility, and the emotional support I've gotten from the people who comment on my blog is really invaluable.  In light of the uncharacteristic UNsupportive comments I have seen on a few blogs of late, I wanted to give a shout-out to all of you who are unfailingly supportive.  You rock!
  • Friday has brought a few more potential symptoms. . . or prog.est.erone side effects, depending on your perspective.  I have been tired; I have had off-and-on crampiness in my lower abdomen; and I felt decidedly nauseated after lunch and intermittently through the rest of the afternoon.  I know that these things may well mean nothing but wanted to record them here, just in case they turn out to be significant.
  • I must admit, I am not really looking forward to seeing my father and stepmother tomorrow so soon after just spending the weekend with them last week.  In addition to my stepmother's comments about her great-granddaughter, which I wrote about, I also got into an argument with my father.  Though arguing is by no means a rare occurrence between us, it does make me less desirous of seeing him again soon.  Alas, I have no control over setting a date for Father's Day or when the Yankees come to town for inter-league play (the REAL reason for my father's visit).  At least MM will be there; having him present changes the group dynamics in a good way.
  • I feel a little weighed down by negativity lately.  We had a layoff at my office this week due to decreased workload.  The layoff did not affect me much directly but did make me worry a little about my own job.  My interactions with my dad & stepmom last weekend brought me down.  A few of my friends are apparently going through love life and/or family issues, so when I have called them recently hoping for a fun, friendly chat, instead I have ended up lending an ear and playing therapist.  I don't usually mind, but I am just feel particularly tired emotionally and less capable than usual of offering support.
  • Having said the above, I have plenty of things to look forward to.  I am seeing several dear, old friends next weekend, including someone who was once one of my closest friends.  We have drifted a little due to distance, but it will be great to see her; it's been over three years.  MM and I have two fun (short) trips planned this summer, and it's looking like my sister & nephew are coming out here for Labor Day weekend--hooray!
  • Two more sleeps until I test.


  1. I so hope you will get good news in just two more sleeps!

  2. I agree with you about the support offered in our little blogosphere - it truly is invaluable! thanks for all of your support as well.

    Those signs are definitely good signs, you're right they could be brought about by the progesterone, but the are good nonetheless!

    I'm glad you've got lots to look forward to and good luck tessting tomorrow!

  3. Thank you, too, for all the supportive comments. You're one of my only regular commenters.

    Good luck with the family and testing tomorrow.


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