Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have written about some new age-y things on here recently.  I am not usually one to use these practices in my daily life--though I will admit to being interested in them and enjoying reading about them--but infertility has brought me to a new level of desperation in terms of what I am willing to try.

While visiting one of my many infertility-related blogs today (the sidebar is only a partial list), I followed a series of links and ended up at this site.  (Apologies to the author of the original site which led me there; I can't remember which site it was!)  The site lists positive affirmations for fertility.

A few of the affirmations resonated with me, so I have printed them out in a pretty font to post in various areas around my house and office (though the ones in the office will have to be tucked away where others can't see them).  I figure hey!  It can't hurt, and it might help.  Here are the ones I choose:

I allow my creative energies to work through me and bring me a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I deserve the best outcome and with joy I am thankful of a new life.

I welcome my time to be a parent.

I now release all my fears and concerns about infertility and I declare myself fertile.

I now release all emotional blocks that prevent me from conceiving a baby.

I accept the gift of life within myself.

I accept the responsibilities of motherhood, and I know I will rise to the occasion when the time comes.

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  1. I know of a woman you wrote out affirmations on post-its and put them in 'special' places around her house (underwear drawer, medicine cabinet, phone, bed, etc...). I didn't do affirmations, but I did do hypnosis (still listen every night to cd) and I can't tell you how much it has helped me. This place will do sessions over the phone and make you a personalized CD, I didn't use them, because there was a practice near my house, but I know many in the blog world did and had success.


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