Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I have done

Things I have done in hopes of increasing our chances of having a baby:
  • Taken and charted my basal body temperature daily for nearly a year
  • Peed on hundreds of sticks so I could use a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and ovulation prediction kits
  • Taken a prenatal vitamin every day for over two years
  • Taken fish oil capsules daily for over two years
  • Taken evening primrose oil (to increase my fertile cervical mucus)
  • Used PreSeed lubricant (even though my husband hates it)
  • Made sure that we had intercourse at least twice during every fertile window for the past 27 cycles (whether it was convenient/desirable or not)
  • Remained lying down, with my hips elevated, after each baby-making session for at least 15-20 minutes
  • Gone for acupuncture every week for three months
  • Taken herbs prescribed by a TCM doctor three times a day for three months
  • Gave myself an injection for the first time  (I'm practically an old pro now!)
  • Taken Clomid and hCG for six cycles, Follistim for three cycles, and Gonal-F for a cycle
  • Developed a huge, painful welt on my abdomen from Pregnyl which took nearly three weeks to go away
  • Endured the vaginal dryness and discomfort that go along with using progesterone gel for six cycles and its resultant effect on our sex life, as well as the many side effects which mimic early pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, sore breasts, cramps)
  • Suffered through painful bloating before, during and after ovulation (which I never had before treatment)
  • Endured at least eight transvaginal ultrasounds, at least four separate blood draws, and a HSG
  • Gone through four IUIs
  • Drank a shot of wheatgrass daily
  • Dictated to my husband when we could have sex and even when he could masturbate, based on our RE's instructions

Things I would normally do but have refrained from doing in hopes of increasing our chances of having a baby:
  • Drinking coffee (I had to quit it twice because I slipped back into the habit)
  • Eating sugar and white flour (though admittedly not consistently)
  • Taking NSAIDs & aspirin
  • Taking Imitrex for my migraines
  • Taking the daily herbal supplement I take to prevent migraines
  • Eating sushi or soft cheeses during every 2WW
  • Intense workouts during every 2WW
  • Using our hot tub during every 2WW
  • Buying things for Future Baby M (for fear it will "jinx" us, per MM. . . though I have had three slip-ups in two years)
Yet despite all the things we have done, if we aren't successful with IUIs and choose not to go on to IVF, there are people in our life who will think that we didn't do enough.

I'd like to ask some of them what they did to have their children. . . . with permission to pimp slap them if all they did was stop using birth control and have sex.


  1. Permission granted.

    (Hugs) You've certainly done enough! You do so much more than I do! I pray that you get a beautiful bfp this cycle.

  2. People don't realize what we go through to try and get pregnant. It's a daily battle (and it really is a battle) on our minds and our bodies. Every day is a roller coaster and every day is exhausting. Until someone goes through this themselves, they can't speak for what is "enough." Only you can speak for that.


  3. I've done almost all of the same things you did and no result. I am starting to get back to doing "normal stuff" (within reason). CGD posted today that her RE said pretty much make sure you don't smoke or use cocaine and you should be good to go. I like that, makes more sense.

    Good luck, I hope this is your month.

  4. N: yeah, sorry, I don't believe CGD's RE. I have never smoked or used cocaine, and yet we've been TTC for over 2 years with only chemical pregnancy to show for our efforts.

    When you are "sub-fertile"--as our RE says I am--I think you need to do everything possible to improve your chances. Just my opinion.

  5. Who has said you haven't done enough? Who? This is such a personal journey. No one should judge. period.

  6. I am constantly in awe of my fellow IFers and what we're all willing to put ourselves through for the chance to have a baby. Whatever you do and wherever you draw the line is a completely personal decision that should not be judged by anyoned.

  7. You have done SO much. It is overwhelming when it is all there in black and white. You have every right to feel and act how you want. I so wish this IUI is it for you. Thinking of you.


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