Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ebb and Flow

I find it interesting how I sometimes have a lot of thoughts and feelings related to infertility that I feel the need to write about, and other times I seem to have nothing to say.  These past few days have been one of those "nothing to say" times.  I haven't been feeling much angst, sadness, anger, etc., about the fact that we still don't have a baby, more than two years after beginning TTC.  I have basically just been taking each day as it comes and doing what I have to do each day (drugs, OPKs) for this cycle.

I suppose it is just a natural ebb and flow.  Even though it is a little perplexing, I am actually glad to not have the constant flow of negative thoughts and emotions at the moment.  What a relief!  (If only they were gone for good. . . . )

I am still feeling a little tired today, but nowhere near how I felt yesterday.  (I seriously only had about an hour in the evening when I had energy and felt like I was dragging myself along the rest of the day.)  I did consult Dr. Go.ogle and found that fatigue is a documented, though not common, side effect of both Clomid and Gonal-F.  So at this point I'm going with medication side effect as the cause of my unusual fatigue.

Tonight is my last injection of Gonal-F (yea!), and tomorrow afternoon is my mid-cycle monitoring u/s.  I better have at least four follicles large enough to contain mature eggs this cycle or, I admit, I am going to be angry.  So don't let me down, ovaries.  ;-)

Will update with my u/s results tomorrow.

P.S. I mentioned taking DHEA to improve egg quality in an earlier post.  I have also done a "shot" of wheat grass three of the last four days. . . . which is supposed to give you energy in addition to helping your health in a number of ways.  I'm toying with the idea of using CoQ10 and/or royal jelly, too.  Any thoughts?


  1. Good luck with your u/s tomorrow! I hope those follies are looking nice and ripe. :)

  2. I hope you have four beauts in there!

    I have been taking royal jelly for a couple of months. I ovulate somewhat late on my own (cd18) but my first month on royal jelly I o'ed on cd16. I am guessing it was a fluke though as I have kept taking it and still o'ed on cd18 like normal this cycle.

  3. My feeling ebb and flow all the time, thankfully. It would be even more difficult to ALWAYS be stressed, anxious, worried, etc.
    Its good that you have gotten some of your energy back, hopefully it was just a fluke.
    Good luck tomorrow, I will be thinking of you and rooting for your ovies to make multiple follies!
    I have no expereince on the wheat grass or royal jelly but I have thought about having hubs take some RJ. It can't hurt.

  4. I really hope the ultrasound shows lots of good looking follicles. I took coq10 and it was A LOT of pills. It didn't help me, but it didn't hurt either. I say, try everything that is safe!


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