Monday, June 14, 2010

8dpIUI & weekend re-cap

There's nothing like a weekend away from the usual routine to get the mind off TTC.  This past Thursday evening, I traveled to my home state to see my sister and her family while she was home for her 20th high school reunion.  It was wonderful to see my 3-year-old nephew again, though, sadly, I don't think he initially remembered me; it had been nearly nine months since our last visit, too long.

Between entertaining and supervising him; talking with my sister, BIL, father, and stepmother; boating one day; and staying up way too late, there wasn't much time to dwell on the fact that I am in the 2WW.  Which was good.

(I will say that the phenomenon of my seeing pregnant women everywhere continued.  The clerk who checked me out at the rental car counter, the clerk at a gas station, and a patron in the restaurant where we had dinner Saturday night were all pregnant, and the waitress at Friday night's restaurant mentioned that she is soon going to be a grandmother.  *sigh*)

As always, it was a joy to be with nephew. . . . and as always, oddly enough, being with him did not make me sad about the fact that I don't yet have my own child.  (Actually, there were a few moments when he was misbehaving that made me glad I'm not a parent.  ;-)  )

It was back to reality this morning.  Sadly, I woke up still feeling tired and with a headache.  Not sure if the headache is a "symptom" of something, a side effect of progesterone gel, or just caused by travel and fatigue.  My guess would be due to travel and fatigue.

In addition to my trip, things have been stressful at work, and though that sucks, that also gives me something to focus on other than obsessing over potential symptoms in the 2WW.  My firm laid off a part-time legal nurse consultant last week due to a lack of work, and I have been experiencing the same decrease in workload. . . . which is not a good thing when your salary is tied at least in part to the amount of billable work you do.  Not sure what's going to happen there.

This week is going to be a busy one.  I actually have a few depositions to attend, and a friend of mine is coming into town to stay one night with us on Thursday.  I have lunch with another friend on Friday, and my father and stepmother arrive Saturday afternoon.  I am woefully behind on all the usual chores of daily life--laundry, filing, car washing--and wrapping up some projects at work.

I hope all of this activity will help to keep my mind occupied for next six days before I test on Sunday.


  1. So glad you had a good weekend and you didn't have time to focus on the 2WW. That's a great thing. And it's good that you have lots going on this week, too. You'll be in my thoughts during this 1WW!

  2. Glad you had fun in NM! Good that work is busy so it takes your mind off the painful 2ww! Sunday will be here before you know it!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister and nephew. I hope this week flies by for you!


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