Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7 NaBloPoMo

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt:  Talk about the last compliment you received.

Wow, I actually can't remember the last compliment I received.  How sad is that?  Most of the compliments I hear these days are actually about my boys and not about me.

MM did tell me the other day that he thinks I am a wonderful, loving mother.  That made me feel good.  :-)

Today I am grateful for living in a country where we are free to vote as our conscience and opinions dictate and where we need have no fear of revolution, military coup or anarchy when an election doesn't go the way some had hoped.  I know many people in my family and in my circle of friends are either elated or depressed at the outcome of yesterday's presidential election.  All are free to express their views without fear of government reprisal.

The fear of dissolution into chaos following a contentious election is a very real one in many parts of the world.  I'm grateful I live in a country where that isn't the case.


  1. It is still a possibility in some cities here in the US. Neighbors have been known to get angry with one another over elections.

    1. Right, but neighbors also get angry with one another over barking dogs or loud music and get violent. That's pretty commonplace. I am talking about something much more serious than that.

  2. I think it's very, very sweet that MM gave you that compliment :) One of the best a mother can receive!


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