Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 NaBloPoMo

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt:  What are your thoughts about tomorrow's election in the United States?

The thought that is uppermost in my mind about tomorrow's election is "I can't wait for it to be over!"  Seriously, I am so sick of hearing about politics.

I have my own political beliefs, and they are carefully considered and strongly held, but I don't intend to ever share them on this blog.  One of the things my father taught me that I have continues to follow in my adult life is that you never talk about politics or religion with anyone but the closest friends and family members.  (And I would add: maybe not even then, unless you know your views and beliefs are aligned.)  You will never convert anyone to your way of thinking; the only thing you may do is alienate or upset them.

Given that many of my friends are lawyers, I have a fair number of acquaintances for whom politics is literally their job, or at least a pet hobby.  So I suspect that I hear more about politics than the average voter, to say nothing of the ads that are constantly on TV or mailed to our home.  (Thank G-d we don't live in a swing state!  My mom is in Ohio, and they are getting bombarded with ads.)

I am grateful for the right to vote and to live in a country where we CAN all discuss these issues freely, if we choose to do so.


  1. My parents once advised that my future spouse and I should agree on the four things: money, kids, religion, and politics, and all would in the long run be well. We've never agreed on #3, rarely agree on #4, started off agreeing on #2 but then disagreeing, and now I don't know what we think :). But 10 years together, and we're still going strong.

  2. I can't wait for it to be over either ... For some reason this year has made a lot more of my people a lot more vocal about their political beliefs and it's not raised any of them in my estimation.

    Overall, I think it's ok to talk about politics, as long as you can do it intelligently and not as an argument (not try to convert, but rather just explain your position). The problem is ... how many people can really do that?

  3. I voted absentee ballot well over a month ago. I'm so sick of the robo callers! Can't wait for Wednesday to get here.


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