Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29 NaBloPoMo

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt:  Tell us about three new blogs you found this year.

What does it say about me that all my new blogs are infertility related?  Hmmm.

My favoritest(?) blog I've found recently is written by Stupid Stork (  If you want to laugh, this blog is the one for you.  Many of her posts are not, strictly speaking, infertility related, but she is infertile and childless, still in the trenches.

I also discovered Scrambled Eggs ( through Lost and Found and Connections Abound.  I first visited Belle's blog to give input to a question she asked about whether to transfer one or two embryos during her IVF cycle, and I have continued to read.  She is currently 9 1/2 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage earlier this year.

I started reading ANDMom ( after visiting her blog to read a popular post about her thoughts on breastfeeding.  The post gave me comfort in the face of my own failure to nurse my twins successfully, and I have continued to follow her blog.  (Warning: she is parenting three children, so only visit if you are OK with reading a parent's blog.)

Today I am grateful for getting some new cases assigned to me this week.  I think that I may *finally* be at a point where I have sufficient work assigned to me to get my productivity up to where it's supposed to be.  (It's only taken me eight months since returning from my 12-week leave.)

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