Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20 NaBloPoMo

First, I have a confession to make: I slipped and bought something new during my "Buy Nothing New" month.  I had been doing really well.  A couple of times I felt the "need" to buy things, but I satisfied the urge by buying secondhand.

But Saturday night after our dinner out, when I stopped in to Target to get the boys some baby food, I saw a cute rubber ducky for only $2.99.  I thought about how MJ has started really enjoying the bath but has no bath toys to play with.  (He usually plays with the bath wash and the cup I use to rinse his hair.)  So I broke down and bought the rubber ducky.

On the plus side, I did bypass all the other baby bath toys and put back the two cute $5 snapsuits I had impulsively scooped up as I walked through the baby boys' clothing section to the baby food.  So there's that.  Progress not perfection.

Our boys were 10 months old yesterday!  I can hardly believe it.  Allow me to share one of their "official" 10-month photos (taken a day early, on Sunday).


That's MJ on the left showing you two of his three (almost four teeth) and AJ on the right being held in place by a disembodied hand (which actually belongs to MM).

I see photos on other moms' blogs of their children's monthly photos where the child is sitting sedately with his/her sticker or sign indicating current age prominently displayed, and I wonder why my sons can't be that cooperative.  LOL.  Every month has been a struggle since around 5 months, I think, and it just gets harder every month as the boys get more mobile.  They don't want to sit still, and they really want to grab Mama's camera.  They try to pull the sticker off their snapsuit to either stick it in their mouths or crumple it up.

Our sons are very active and curious, and that's how they should be.  So if that's the trade-off for not being able to get nicely posed photos, I'll take it.

(BTW, MM *hates* assisting with each month's photos.  Hates it.  He asked me yesterday when I was going to stop taking them.  Um, maybe when they're a year old?  I'd like to get at least that far before I give up.)

Today's gratitude post is a bit of an odd one.  I am grateful for stain remover.  Seriously, I have never gone through as much of it as I do now taking care of the twins' clothes.  They have gotten to a stage where they want to feed themselves or help you feed them, and it creates some major messes.  I would be crying over the destruction of many cute outfits without stain remover.


  1. My rule of thumb with regards to toys that I purchase for Gwen is no batteries and as little plastic, etc., as possible. I did break that rule for her rubber duckies, which she adores. It just isn't bath time without rubber duckies. (I'm usually so lazy about removing them from the tub that I've started taking baths with them too...and I have to admit, they're lots of fun).

  2. Just to warn you - if that rubber duckie has a hole in it, plug it with something. I saw something on pinterest, but I can't remember what it was - superglue, maybe? Google it! Anyway, we had a bunch of rubber duckies and then one day I noticed they looked a little funny - they were full of mold! It was so gross. They never dry out inside, so it's the perfect environment for mold. I washed them all really well and cleaned them out, way more work than it was worth, and in a short time they were full of mold again. So definitely do something to keep the water out! And find other bath toys, little cups and/or stacking toys will be great before long.

    Cute pic! Definitely make MM keep helping you until 1 year, it's not that much to ask.


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