Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21 NaBloPoMo

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt:  What is your favorite place to read?

I love, love, love to read.  Probably my favorite leisure activity.  Pre-kids, I could read almost all day and finish a novel in a weekendNowadays, I am lucky if I have the energy to read a chapter or so before bed at night.

I will read anywhere, but my favorite place to read is in a big, comfy armchair that will allow me to curl my feet under me.  (You see chairs like this strategically placed in nooks and crannies in most book stores.)  Sadly, I don't have a chair like this at home and therefore generally either read in a corner of our sectional or in bed.  A fully-stocked library with two of these chairs would definitely be a room in my dream home.

I have to say that, 21 days in to this challenge, it is getting harder for me to not only post something every day but to think of something for which I am grateful.  I mean, I am grateful for some things every day--my sons, my husband, my family, food and shelter, my job--but I don't want to duplicate during this month because I know there are SO many good things in my life for which I am grateful.  It's just kinda hard to come up with them to write a post.

Today I will say that I am grateful for my friends.  I have a number of awesome ones, some of whom have been in my life for many years.  They have supported me through so many challenges in my life: during the days when I was alone and lonely, when I was struggling with career choices; during the many months we were dealing with infertility; and during my transition into parenthood.  They have celebrated my happiness and successes with me: marrying MM, having our sons, graduations, new jobs, and many other smaller things.

I don't get to spend as much time these days with most of my friends as I did before I was a mother, but I appreciate them and their understanding.  :-)

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