Monday, October 8, 2012

How was your weekend?

Driving in to work today, I was so, so tired.  And when I reflected on my weekend, I realized why.  Here's a recap of how I spent my weekend, from 5 p.m. Friday to 8 p.m. Sunday.

  • Went straight from work Friday evening to the site for my local MOMs group's semi-annual consignment sale to check in and stock the (8 boxes of) items I was selling.  That took about an hour.
  • Realized when I stopped to pick up a pizza when I was most of the way home that I didn't have my wallet. . . so turned around and drove back to the office (20 minutes in the opposite direction).  Fortunately, my wallet was sitting on my desk, undisturbed.  Whew!
  • Rushed home to spend some time with my sons and help MM get them ready for bed (and quickly inhaled a couple of slices of pizza while playing with them)
  • Had the boys in bed by 9, and then did the usual straightening up, mixing of formula and preparation of bottles, etc., before hitting the hay myself.
  • Woke up twice with MJ before 3:00 (back to sleep within a few minutes each time)
  • Woke on my own at 4:40 with a migraine (ugh).
  • Took Imitrex and a megadose of Advil and returned to bed.
  • Woke with MJ again at 5:20, and this time he wouldn't return to his crib or Pack n Play in the living room
  • Took MJ into bed with me until 6:15, at which time I rose for the day and MJ (miraculously) stayed asleep in his Pack n Play. (Little angel AJ slept all night, as usual, and was still sleeping when I walked out the door at 6:35.)
  • Drove the 25 minutes from my house to the MOMs sale so I could be among the first people there, in hopes of finding on of the double strollers I wanted for a good price.
  • Shopped the sale for about an hour (more on that later)
  • Drove the 25 minutes home and got there in time to play with the boys for a while and then put them down for their mid-morning nap
  • Spent the hour that the boys were napping inventorying and organizing the clothes I have for them in sizes 12-month, 18-month, 24-month/2T, and 3T.  (They currently wear 9-month size but have received quite a few hand-me-downs from my godson and from MM's supervisor's nephew.)
  • AJ & MJ woke up, ate some fruit and cereal and their bottles, got diapers changed
  • MM left for the gym, so I watched the boys solo for an hour while he was gone
  • As soon as MM returned, I once again drove the 25 minutes from my house to the MOMs sale to work my (required) "volunteer" shift
  • As things were slow during shift, ended up doing some more shopping while at the sale (I got some great deals. . . more in a separate post)
  • Ducked out of sale a little early so that I could stop at my local kids' consignment store on the way home to sell an item I forgot to list in the sale.
  • Finally ate for the first time (at 2:30!)--migraines give me nausea, and the meds aren't great for my stomach either.
  • Drove 25 minutes home
  • Played with the boys for a while
  • Took a quick shower and got dressed up
  • Packed up the boys' stuff, including bottles, etc., for two feedings and drove 45 minutes to my in-laws' house
  • Fed the boys at my in-laws' house and left for MM's birthday dinner
  • Had a nice steak dinner out with MM to celebrate his 39th birthday
  • Returned to my in-laws' to find that poor AJ had been crying almost the whole two hours we were gone (he has always struggled a little with transitions, and though they go to their grandparents' house about once a month on average and have their whole lives, it still seems new to him each visit)
  • Tried in vain to feed both boys
  • Drove the 45 minutes home (boys sleeping most of the way)
  • Tried again (unsuccessfully) to feed the boys once we got home
  • Put the boys to bed
  • Went to bed myself (long, busy day + migraine = exhausted)
  • Woke with MJ twice before 5 (back to sleep within a few minutes each time)
  • Woke at 3:30 with a bad headache (not a migraine, just a garden variety tension headache this time)
  • Took Excedrin and returned to bed
  • MJ was up at 5:50, and AJ woke just as I started giving MJ his bottle at 6:30
  • Spent the morning with the boys and MM
  • When the boys went down for a nap, did more sorting and organizing of their larger-sized clothes (including those acquired at Saturday's sale)
  • Helped MM adjust mattress height of MJ's crib (he is pulling up now)
  • Started laundry (ended up washing, drying and folding 7 loads over course of day)
  • Out for lunch and errands with MM and boys
  • Fed and entertained boys, then went to grocery store while MM stayed with them
  • Put boys down for afternoon nap
  • Snuck out to backyard to start cleaning up double stroller I bought at my MOMs sale
  • MJ woke after 25 minutes, so spent next hour playing with MJ alone in another room while AJ slept
  • Boys' dinner of bottles, veggies & fruit, and cereal
  • Boys watched Baby Einsten video while I mixed formula and prepared bottles for bedtime and for Monday
  • Played with boys and ate dinner
  • Boys took their first bath together in the big tub (up until last night, they have been bathed individually in their little baby tub in the kitchen sink)
  • Diapered, dressed and fed, boys went to sleep around 8
Whew!  My weekends are usually busy these days, but this one was exceptionally so.

On a positive note, my commute today was much shorter than usual, thanks to the Columbus Day holiday (which is near-meaningless to those of us in private practice).  And I got SO many great deals at my MOMs sale. . . so many that they are deserving of their own separate post (which I hope to have time to write later this week).  In a nutshell, I not only got the double stroller I wanted (the BOB Revolution Duallie) at a great price, I also have all the clothes I need for my sons (except pajamas and socks and shoes) until after they outgrow size 2T!  And I earned enough money at the sale to offset the purchase price of the stroller--yea!


  1. Go you on those deals! Now that is some crafty dealing!

  2. Wow you did get some good deals! Busy weekend too.

  3. I am exhausted just reading this! That isn't a good sign for me!


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