Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best children's clothing

On a related note to my last post about my recent shopping spree at my MOMs group's semi-annual consignment sale, I wanted to ask what brands of children's clothing my mom readers think are the best quality.  Up until now, our sons have grown quickly enough that wear-and-tear on their clothes has only been issue insofar as I might've wanted to pass on an item to someone else.  But now that they are crawling and pulling up, it won't be long before they are walking and running and making more messes.

Gap and Gymboree both seem to be highly rated for wearing well.  Do you agree?  What other brands would you recommend as durable and long-lasting?

An acquaintance of mine also mentioned that she buys mostly European brands of clothing for her children because she finds them to be of better quality, but I was distracted and didn't get to ask her what brands.  Does anyone else buy non-U.S. brands for their kids' clothing?



  1. I have been very happy with children's place, Gymboree...I'm not sure gap is worth it-of course the crazy sales are a different story. But, I find janie and jack are totally worth it (I can't afford full price, they do have good sales sometimes and I'll stock up then). I also like Carter's and American apparel (runs small) for comfy clothes...

  2. I'm in the same boat as you! Interested to hear what other folks have to say. :)

  3. European brands, I can say something about that. :)

    Gwen is still in the stage where she outgrows clothes before she out-uses them, so I've mostly been shopping at Wibra, which I'd put between Wal-Mart and Target for quality. It's very cheap; I can get things on sale for a few euros a piece. Then there's HEMA, which is Target-like. Things from there are more expensive, but the onesies, etc., that I've gotten have been very durable.

    Occasionally I'll go to H&M and scout out their clearance. I often buy clothes there as gifts for my nieces and nephews back in the States, and I think it's pretty good value for money; certainly what I've gifted they've outgrown rather than worn out (and my nieces/nephews are 7, 5, 3, and 1, so the older ones are at a point where they aren't outgrowing clothes so quickly).

    I'm too cheap to buy anything higher end, so that's all the advice I can give.

  4. You know, I kind of swear by Target's brand Circo for play clothes. They've lasted through two kids (one who grows very very slowly!) and have been passed onto #3.

    Old Navy for jeans (adjustable waists!). I'm a fan of their outerwear too. Their polos have held up well too.

    Carters is good too, just not my style a lot.

    I mean, honestly, we're on kid #3 and the only things I have thrown out rather than reused or donated are socks and pjs that we purposely mutilated. And they pretty exclusively wear those 3 brands.

  5. I like Gap, but it is hit or miss. Sometime the clothes are pilly after one wash, sometimes they are great.

    I swear by Carters for durability in the wash. And those seem to fit A best.

    I haven't tried much else.

  6. We are big old navy wearers for basics (jeans, sweat pants, shorts), but the quality is just meh. I mean, it will last the season, but not through hand me downs (although at 5/shorts, who cares?).

    Per the above, Janie and Jack is cute for our dress up clothes.

    I also like hannah anderson pajamas -- they are terrific, although the carters ones are pretty decent too.

    Polarn O Pyret has cute stuff, but it's a bit pricey.

    But my absolute fave? Mini-Boden. British brand. Very well made. Very cute. My son has been wearing some of the clothes for over 6 months and they look new still. Absolutely worth the investment.


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