Thursday, December 15, 2011


I just realized that, if I deliver at 37 weeks exactly, the boys' arrival is only 55 days away.

As much as I can't wait to meet them (and to not be pregnant anymore), I don't feel ready.  AAAAAHHH!

(And MM keeps helpfully pointing out that many twins arrive even earlier than 37 weeks. . . . )


  1. Wooo, I know that feeling! I think once you get to that less than 100 days point, the time just FLIES by.

    So excited for you!

  2. OMG, you just made me count my days. I think I'd be 52 days. Thanks for making me panic :) Shall we have a gentlewoman's bet on who goes down first? Ha!

    I know what you mean about being ready to have your body back. My heartburn/GERD is so bad the last 3 nites I've had to sleep sitting straight up. I've moved from Tums, PepcidAC, Zantac to Protonics (sp?). I think my next step is Nexium. Grrrr.

    Oh, and my BH contractions are out of control. How are yours?

  3. Many people are lucky enough to make it to 38 weeks, and I hope you are one of them! I was sure I would be since I had a fairly easy pregnancy and then my water broke at 35w 5d. It goes by fast from here. Enjoy!

  4. @michelle: I think you & I will be neck-and-neck, LOL. Oh, and I don't get BH contractions unless I let my bladder get too full or try to walk any distance. At least so far.

    @Dawn: I would really like to make it to 38 weeks. Want to do whatever I can to give our boys the best possible start in life. We shall see.

  5. Believe it! Well I hope you make it one more week too but hey...never know! I delivered at 36w6d.

  6. The count down is definitely on! I hope you make it to 38 weeks.

  7. It's getting so close! Soo exciting! Happy Holidays to you all!


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