Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby dream

Despite having more dreams than usual since I've been pregnant, I haven't had a dream about our babies since early July (see this post).  But I had one last night, and as most dreams are, it was weird.

Our boys had arrived, and we were taking them to visit some family members.  Oddly, when we arrived at these (unidentified) extended family members' home, there was a little girl there who was almost 2 years old. . . . who we learned was our daughter.  (Wha??)  I guess she was meant to represent the child we would have had if my chemical pregnancy in August 2009 had continued to delivery?  Who knows.  This child looked nothing like I would've pictured our daughter looking like (actually, she looked like jennepper's oldest daughter), and I never figured out why she lived with these random family members and not with us.

As if that part weren't strange enough, as the visit with the relatives progressed, our boys were gradually getting a little older.  At one point, I put them down on the floor for "tummy time," and the next thing I knew, they were crawling around and wrestling with one another.  And then suddenly they didn't look like babies any more; they looked like two cute black Labradoodle puppies!

No one but MM and I seemed to notice that our babies were now puppies.  Noticing this prompted dream-MM to say "I think there must have been a mix-up with the embryos in the clinic's lab."  Everyone else just commented on how adorable the boys were with their black curly hair.

Dreams are odd.

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