Wednesday, December 7, 2011

28 weeks

(Today's post will be all about pregnancy. If you don't feel like reading about that right now, I completely understand. Hope to see you again soon.)

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I have now gained 9 lbs from what I weighed the morning of my transfer.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants all the time now. I'm still able to wear some of my own shirts (though not all of them, obviously), but do wear maternity shirts about half the time.

Stretch marks: I've had stretch marks for years from growth spurts and weight gain. I don't have any new ones related to pregnancy yet.  I've started applying this to my belly twice a day, not because I actually believe it will prevent stretch marks--I think whether or not one gets stretch marks is genetic, and I'm doomed since I already have 'em and my mom does, too--but because the skin on my belly has been getting dry and itchy lately.

Sleep: OK. Getting up to pee 2-4 times a night. If I allot at least nine hours for a night's sleep, I usually feel fairly rested for at least part of the day.

Movement: I'm feeling movement off and on throughout the day from both babies, and it's pretty cool.  Twin A's movements feel weirder in a way than Twin B's because I mostly feel them inside--like right behind my pubic bone or close to my left hip bone--whereas Twin B's movements are just under the top of my belly and are even visible some of the time.

Cravings/Aversions:  Lots of smell aversions still, no real cravings.

Gender: We are (still) having two boys.

Symptoms:  Same, no real changes (except that--TMI--my hemorrhoids have gotten worse).

What I miss: Being able to take a nice, deep breath.  Getting up from a seated position without having to use my arms to push myself up!
What I look forward to: Meeting the babies (when they're ready), being able to eat and breathe normally again post-delivery.

Moods: Generally good.

Milestones: 28 weeks is one of the milestones I've been looking forward to, as I know that the vast majority of babies born at this gestation will survive without lifelong health problems.  I'm still hoping to make it to at least 37 weeks with these guys (February 8), but my next milestone is 32 weeks.  Counting the days!
Medical concerns: I have gestational diabetes.  At this point, I am not on medication, just following my prescribed diet and checking my blood glucose levels four times a day.  My blood pressure was fine at my last appointment (132/74).  So far, the babies appear to be healthy.
Sex?: Yeah, MM feels weird about it and doesn't want to do it anymore.  Oh well.  We have plenty of years left to have sex after the babies are born (well, not *right* after, obviously).  Life is long.

Misc: As of this past weekend, we now have both our cribs.  (MM couldn't set up the nursery yet because--long story--he wasn't able to remove one piece of furniture from that room without additional help/tools.)  Actually, the only things we have to buy to be completely ready for the babies are two crib mattresses.  We have literally everything else we need (including more blankets and outfits than they can probably use).


  1. Happy 28 weeks! I too, am using the same belly butter stuff. I can't say that I like the scent though. I'm also using Palmer's cocoa butter because I am delusional and think it might help prevent stretch marks!

    I am totally lobbying for the boys to come out Feb 8th because that is my birthday :) And you will be so READY to have them out by then! I'm glad the blood sugar is looking good. 28 weeks is such a huge milestone, congrats!

  2. You are progressing nicely. What cribs did you end up buying?

  3. Gosh, I'm impressed (and jealous) with how prepared you are! Isn't it freaky to *see* them move? I had a growth scan yesterday and baby b (the boy) has moved from head down to transverse which explains why my ribs are getting thrashed. Girl is still head down and behaving herself for the most part! 28 is a huge milestone - CONGRATS!

  4. So glad to have found your blog. I'm just about to begin my first DEIVF, and am trying to stay patient and hopeful, so it's nice to read an account of a successful cycle. Wishing you and your twins the best!


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