Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 weeks

(Today's post will be all about pregnancy. If you don't feel like reading about that right now, I completely understand. Hope to see you again soon.)

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I have gained 12 lbs from what I weighed the morning of our embryo transfer.  (Really, I lost 9 lbs in the first trimester and have regained it plus 12. . . so a total gain of 21 lbs.)

Maternity Clothes: All maternity all the time now. Even some of my maternity shirts are getting snug.

Stretch marks: No new ones related to pregnancy.

Sleep: OK. Getting up to pee almost hourly all night.  Ugh.  I am pretty tired most of the time and have permanent bags/circles under my eyes (which I doubt will be going away any time soon).

Movement: Both twins are active most of the time now.  Twin A's movements continue to feel uncomfortable, as it usually feels like he is kneeing me in the bladder or behind my pubic bone.  He is very low down there.  Twin B's movements are often visible from the outside.  (Twin A's might be, too, but I can no longer see that part of my belly, LOL.)

Cravings/Aversions: Still some smell aversions, no real cravings.

Gender: We are (still) having two boys.

Symptoms: Same, no real changes. Daily has helped, but not cured, my heartburn. I've started having some pain in my right hip (probably from lying on my left side so much), and I have lots of pulling sensations across my abdomen.

What I miss: Being able to take a nice, deep breath. Getting up from a seated position without having to use my arms to push myself up! Being able to see my feet when I look down, being able to put on socks without assistance or pain.

What I look forward to: Meeting the babies (when they're ready), being able to eat and breathe normally again post-delivery.

Moods: Good.

Milestones: None. Counting the days until 32 weeks!

Medical concerns: I am managing my gestational diabetes with a small dose of an oral medication at bedtime and diet.  So far, the babies appear to be healthy.  They'll have their next growth scan on 12/28.

Sex?: Nah.

Misc:  Apart from making sure our car seats are properly installed and laundering the babies' clothes/blankets/sheets/etc., we believe that we have everything prepared for their arrival.  It was MM's goal to have this done by the end of November, so by his standards we are a little behind schedule. . . . but I think having all this done by 30 weeks is pretty darn good.  Especially considering that the boys won't actually be coming to our house for at least another 6-8 weeks.
The Belly continues to grow, drawing the attention of acquaintances and strangers alike.  I've had several "when is your due date again?" comments, implying that I *must* be getting close.  One of the partners I work for pointed at The Belly this week and laughed (I didn't take offense; he's single & childless, so what does he know?)

They say that with twins you measure about six weeks ahead of where you would be with a singleton pregnancy, so it makes sense. . . I do look "full term."  Yeah, I'm big.  It seems to me that The Belly has started to grow out to the sides a bit instead of just growing out/forward.

Here's a photo of The Belly taken a couple of days ago, so you can judge for yourself.


  1. Pointing and laughing is just plain rude. For me the belly-rubbing has commenced. Not just me rubbing my belly, but others, too. No strangers, but still!

    I can't believe you are 30 weeks! You don't look full-term yet. Just saying...

  2. much love to you and your little ones this holiday season.

  3. Happy 30 weeks! You are more than 3/4 through this pregnancy! They belly is growing, but come on, you are gestating 2 humans in there!

  4. Congrats on getting so far! You really don't look THAT big to me, but you've still got a ways to go!

  5. Enjoy this holiday season! What an exciting time for you guys. :) Hope you can remain relatively comfortable in the coming weeks.

  6. Yikes! The laughing is just rude. I am sorry you had to put up with that!

    And you don't look full term yet. Congratulations!

  7. Hope you had a great holiday! It's wild to think that around two months your boys will be with you. I am glad that you are taking the belly size in stride (re: the pointing/laughing... who does that?!) Keep well and happy new year!


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