Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayers for N and Baby W

A friend of mine (in real life) needs your prayers. (I am referring to her and her baby by initials only, and not linking to her blog, to preserve her privacy.)

N has been married to R since before I met them both when we started law school together ten tears ago this August. Though they married young, like many couples, they waited to TTC until they had finished school and started their careers.

After stopping BCPs and TTC unsuccessfully for a while, N was diagnosed with PCOS. She and R were told they had a less than 1% chance of conceiving naturally. They beat the odds, though, and their adorable son was born in March 2008.

When they decided to TTC #2, they weren't as lucky. This go-around, N went through several failed treatment cycles and a surgery before "finally" getting pregnant from injectibles and IUI. They were, of course, very happy to have another child on the way.

N let me know after her NT scan that everything looked normal. And then days later, N had bleeding. She went to the doctor and was told her baby no longer had a heartbeat. Needless to say, she was devastated.

After taking misoprostol at her doctor's instruction, N went in for a follow-up u/ s . . . . which revealed a baby with a beating heart. N was understandably shocked, thrilled that her baby was alive, and very concerned about potential damage from the misoprostol.

Since then, things had been fine. N had seen specialists who reassured them that the baby should suffer no harm from the drug. A normal anatomy scan revealed the baby's gender: girl.

I was hopeful that the rest of N's pregnancy would be healthy and uneventful. But I got a text from her yesterday that the doctor noticed cervical dilation Friday. She is currently in the hospital, and they are planning a rescue cerclage for this evening.

She is only 22 weeks.

I know many of you pray, and I would ask that you pray for N and Baby W. The next few weeks are especially crucial to W's ability to survive outside the womb. N and R are wonderful people and terrific parents.

Thank you.


  1. that is simply a terrible story. I have no idea if the dialation is due to the shot but still I can only begin to imagine what your friend is going through right now. My thoughts are prayers are with them. Much love to all of you...

  2. Thinking of your dear friend... hope the cerclage goes well and her bub is fine. Love to you all xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, what a horrible story. Huge prayers for your friend and her baby.

  4. Will do S...I'll never understand why some couples have to struggle WAYYYY more than most.

  5. i'm so glad that her doctor's appointment was at the right time to catch the dilation. hopefully she wasn't very dilated yet.

    the cerclage is a life saver! i am very grateful that i have mine!

    i pray that they will be just fine.


  6. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. What a horrible situation to have to deal with at a time that should be full of wonderful experiences.

  7. They are in my prayers. It is too heartbreaking.


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